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Semi Solo Dec 6-8

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by jmacaz, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. LeaLea

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    Best of luck! I wish I could drive to Vegas.....
    I’m sure you’ll win since karma will reward your “sacrifice” for your husband.
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  2. fraygul

    fraygul Bingo Nerd

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    I am very glad I can't drive to Vegas haha
    Tapatalk is too much for me.. I actually just use the browser on my phone and that works really well. The only issue I run into is sometimes it says my post didn't post so I hit post reply again and again and well they all show up haha. And I'm old so trying to read replies on my phone is really hard. And when I am on the run I just post a pic and a couple words .. don't feel you need to type much. It stays live without having to think about it much :) That's all my tips haha

    Good luck and have a great trip! Thank you for doing a report!!
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  3. Texas Steph

    Texas Steph I think I'm addicted to Vegas...
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    Hope you're having a great time and look forward to the recap!
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