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Sindustry's F-Day Weekend 2016 TR

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by Sindustry, Jun 14, 2016.

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    The win at local after Vegas still paid. Always good to get a win. Too bad not enough to recover the Vegas losses.

    Better luck in two weeks at GVR.
  2. Sindustry

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    BTW...I was talking to this dude at the UTH table, at Caesars, who saw my Spin Poker handpay. Turns out he plays a lot of VP and slots too and has some major hits under his belt...$200k, $100k, and a bunch of 5-figure pays. Anyways, one of his superstitions is on UX...he likes to look for machines where the last hand played had a big multiplier. He is not looking for active multipliers that are abandoned, but rather, multipliers that were last played. His superstition is that he likes to play those machines, as they may be "running hot". I'm all about gambling superstitions and also tend to go with an idea...until it seems to no longer work out...lol. I tried looking for good UX games, based on his criteria, at the local last night, but it seems all the locals like to play until they brick out...lol.

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Yeah, busier casinos give the illusion of more winners and being looser because more money is played through and more machines will lock up just from volume. But that's because you'll often pay less attention to the greater numbers who are losing in relative silence.

    Edit: Interesting story about the Ultimate X. But if they were non-active multipliers then that machine wasn't hot when it counts, no?
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