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Discussion in 'Slot Machines' started by slotmanjack, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. slotmanjack

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    Recently played the new Wild Wild Nuggets and Wild Wild Samurai slot machine that has the same tell as Buffalo Grand does with the bonus symbol showing itself on adjacent reel after second bonus symbol lands.

    Aside from these games the only other ones that I know with a tell are Captain Cutthroat, whenever the second symbol drops fast you know the third one is coming. If it makes that anticipation noise than it's not going to drop.

    The original machine with a tell was from way back, remember this one if reel 2 stuttered you would get the 3rd pig for the bonus.

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  2. doughtaker

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    Crazy Money Deluxe (from Incredible) is another game that has a tell. If the Sky Wheel symbols show up on reels 1 and 3, then the tell will show up after reel 4 stops. If you see the Sky Wheel symbol on reel 5 pass by within a half-second after reel 4 stops, then it means you will get to the bonus round and get to spin that Sky Wheel. If the symbol doesn't show up, then you're not getting the bonus on that spin.
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  3. Luckylisa

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    I don't want to repeat something that everybody already knows, so if you already know this, feel free to stop reading.

    Has anyone noticed on the Buffalo tower machines that the bonuses all hit at almost the same time? It's not always the case, but I've noticed it quite often. If there are three machines set up together (and of course linked) and one person hits the bonus, either immediately afterwards, or or in the next couple of minutes the other two machines will also hit the bonus. If they don't hit the bonus, at the very least they'll hit a couple of nice line pays. When I play these and I see somebody hit the bonus, I immediately speed up my betting, because I know that while the other player is on their bonus, I will also make money through line pays or by hitting the bonus as well. And of course I always make sure I'm betting the max.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone that didn't know.

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