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Sneaking drinks into Caesars pool

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by Wildfiya, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Wildfiya

    Wildfiya Member

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    I am staying at the Flamingo but have been reading that it’s near impossible to get chairs at their pool. I just want to be able to hang out at a pool and relax. Thinking of walking over to Caesars to use their pool. I read that if you are staying at a Caesars property you can use their pool.

    How strict are they at their pool? Do they do a TSA style search like day club pools?

    Would I be able to walk in with a cup with a premixed drink?

    Can you just walk straight through to the pool with out anyone stopping you? Or do you have to show a room key?
  2. newmans

    newmans Mayflower Fury
    Founding Fanatic

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    I was at the CP pool last summer while I was a guest at PH. I showed my 7* card to get in. I did see security turning away Diamond players. Other people have had a different experience.
  3. Funkhouser

    Funkhouser Regional Gambling Specialist
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    CET Diamond
    I know at some of the pools you can pay for admission. We had a guest with us last year at Venus pool who was not a hotel guest, paid $20 bucks and was able to join us at our cabana. Flamingo is crazy now that they have shifted market focus to a younger age group and turn their "Go Pool" pool into party central.

    Yeah they pretty much frown on bringing drinks in except for bottle water in clear containers.
  4. Hard4

    Hard4 Silver

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    Just play BJ at the pool and get the drinks comped
  5. stillsober

    stillsober Bronze

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    We were at the Caesars pool last weekend and we walked right out there and no one even looked our way.
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  6. 44inarow

    44inarow Cool Story Bro
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Mlife Platinum
    Borgata Black Label
    TR Diamond (for now)
    I admittedly can't speak specifically to these CET properties, but at most Vegas pools I've been to, they check but it's not strict. Act like you're supposed to be there, put bottles towards the bottom of your bag, don't be too obvious, and you're likely to be fine. As long as you're not trying to stroll in with magnums of Veuve, the worst they'll do is turn you away.

    The dayclubs are a different story because things get messy in terms of casino liability for stuff like weapons and illicit substances. The regular pools are mostly about keeping a general eye on things.
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