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Some Atlantis notes - January 2019

Discussion in 'Non Vegas Trip Reports' started by htj, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. htj

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    I'm just going to jot down some quick Atlantis notes as a resource for anybody heading there. We stayed 3 nights on the Harrahs Diamond offer.

    We were in the Royal tower. It was much nicer than the Coral tower we stayed in 5 years ago, although the Coral has been recently renovated, so it might be decent now. The location of the Royal tower is great, right near the casino and water park. The Cove is fancier, and if it were free i'd take it, but it is a bit further from the action.
    The "free" deal, it comes to about $65 per night of resort fees.
    Everyone was really nice and friendly, which is different than what we experienced last time, and different from online reviews.

    Poolside food was more reasonable than i remembered. It's still expensive, but a good-sized burger can be had for $7.50 (plus plus). Alcohol's pretty steep, at $13 (plus plus), so drinking in the casino is the way to go.

    Other restaurants are pretty pricey. A large pizza and 6 wings was $55. A meal for two at a restaurant is going to be $100 if you're careful, and would easily go way higher if you're not.

    Lots of tables, lots of action, open from 10am to 4am.
    Blackjack 3:2, $15 minimum
    Craps, LIR, 3 card poker $15 minimum
    Mini bacc, $20 minimum
    Mississippi stud, ultimate texas hold 'em (didn't look)

    8/5 Bonus Deluxe
    8/5 DDB
    6/5 Bonus
    Deuces that was around 97% if i remember correctly
    Lowest denom is quarters. The only games were 10 credit single line, 5 credit single line, and Ultimate X 3/5/10 line.
    There was also 3/5/10 play at the dollar level.

    Overall it was a great trip, and a nice alternative to vegas for those on the east coast... unless you're really into VP as there isn't much variety.

    Balcony view:
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  2. dvandentop

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    Can't wait to go back next month and then a few nights at Baha Mar as well
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  3. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Glad you had a good time!
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