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Suggestions for plat?

Discussion in 'Club Grazie - Venetian/Palazzo' started by cosmokramer, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. cosmokramer

    cosmokramer Member

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    I am a long time fan of the V/P, but never really bothered to take the Club Grazie into account.
    On my last 10-12 visits the last few years I didn‘t even get or use my card, as I mostly played hold em or black jack.
    So, never comped so far as well. Kind of you get what you pay for.

    On my last visit in january I checked my account, surprisingly still active (opened that an estimated decade ago) I am gold atm with around 40.000 points.
    As I lost a bit the urge for hold em, I found myself playing a bit more VP, and my wife drew me to that Heidi‘s Beerhaus slot, and after laughing at her, I have to admit i grew to like it :)

    So: would it make any sense to go for that plat status or some comps? I kinda want my bigger suite for sure, so I always reserved and paid for it.
    If so, what would be a good strategy regarding playing time and bet sizes?

    Thanks for any input/opinion,
  2. Wiscolovesvegas

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    Not sure what type suite you prefer but several times we have requested a Piazza suite venetian side and they have comped it.( we are gold status) If I understand what several others have said. V/P ( as well as everywhere lol) is Theo driven. Sometimes chasing a comp versus just paying for an upgrade cost ALOT more. We have just been reassigned a new exec ( not a big fan of her) and she quoted us 5-10 a spin on the slots for 4-6 hrs would provide VIP services. Not sure I’m believing her as again I do not play like that ( I’m more 1-2 a spin for 8-10 hrs) and have always been able to get larger room. Not sure if I’ve helped answer your question but the above is recent experience :)
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  3. Indianasoxfan

    Indianasoxfan Platinum
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    A lot of them
    Nothing is free in Vegas and everything you get compwise is earned by your gambling. I take advantage of comps but don’t delude myself into thinking they’re free...if all you want is a larger suite it would probably be much cheaper to pay for it. If you’re going to gamble a lot anyway then happily take the comp.

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