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Suggestions please

Discussion in 'Forum Questions, Issues & Suggestions' started by Irish Mick, May 12, 2019.

  1. Irish Mick

    Irish Mick Member

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    CET diamond
    Hi All,
    Ive been to Vegas many many times but i am after advice
    Normally I’d just drink a bottle of gin a day there and see what happens. Always fun but this time I’ve got to do it differently.
    My wife is coming out with me on this trip to celebrate as she’ll hopefully have finished chemo treatment.
    This trip I’ve to make it about great food, good shows and good drinking. My normal dive bar/Gordon Ramsay steak house/absinthe combo ain’t going to cut it this time.
    I have diamond status with Caesars but she wanted to stay at the Aria so we’ve booked in there. Is it worthwhile getting in touch with a host at aria to say I’m switching over?
    We are there August 8-11 and so far the only headliner i can see is lionel richie so ill book two tickets for that.
    Otherwise she loves sea food and Thai food. Would you have recommendations for restaurants, shows and classy drinking spots?
    Ive taken her to Absinthe and once was enough for her.
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  2. IrishDave

    IrishDave Palladium
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    What a great reason for celebration.

    In my opinion, Aria has the best overall restaurant collection on the the strip. Lemongrass is a great Thai restaurant, but be warned, the spice scale is defintely set for an Asian palette. Carbone...just do it, make sure you get the Caesar salad and the meatballs (not on menu). I also really enjoyed Bardo Brasserie. I haven't eaten at either, but I've heard good things about Herringbone and Catch. I've never been too impressed with the Aira cafe though.

    Alibi (in Aria) is a very nice bar, and you're just a short walk from the Cosmopolitan. All the bars in Cosmo are excellent, but I'd recommend the Barber Shop for a little different, but still classy, experience. Also you can tram or walk to Bellagio and have a drink at Petrossian or the Baccarat Bar.

    I'm not too up on the shows, other than watching the twenty somethings stumble by while sitting at Chandelier in Cosmo!
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  3. omahahog

    omahahog Member

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    Emerald (Boyd)
    If your wife likes Thai, take an Uber to nearby Lotus of Siam. It’s Northern Thai and wildly popular with locals and visitors. I would also recommend a trip to Nora’s Italian, another local restaurant but not far from strip. You won’t be disappointed with either. Make reservations though.
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  4. Sinnerman

    Sinnerman Bronze

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    You can get in touch with a host, but there is a good chance you wont get any front end offers without play. You can also use sites like URComped to try and get a front end offer at Aria (MGM) thought your play at CET. Alternatively, you can just play your normal amount and ask for back-end comps.

    I definitely second the suggestion for Lotus of Siam, it is excellent Thai food with a great wine list (if your wife is into that).
  5. MissL7777

    MissL7777 Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Lionel Ritchie’s show is excellent!
  6. sparkydog

    sparkydog Palladium
    Founding Fanatic

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    Le Cirque at Bellagio which is part of Mlife is fabulous. I enjoy Javier's at Aria and Carbone as well...Veal parm and spicy rigatoni DELISH! A unique experience which I always enjoy is Rose.Rabbit.Lie and the black cod or beef wellington there. Down parasol at Wynn beside the lake of dreamsis always a nice escape from the bustle and reality and full of whimsy for the Mrs. The only thing I'm not a fan of at Aria is the pool...very busy and hard to get loungers and IMO not much wow factor but if you can get loungers at the sky suites pool it is much better. Just curious if she considered a balcony fountain view room at Cosmo and they will offer match usually. Either way have a great time and well wishes for your wife with her chemo.

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