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Summer Full of Vegas Part 1 (MGM Grand)

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by JLCTVEGAS, Jul 5, 2018.


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    Trip Report June 2018: Hey Everybody! Jason and Lucas here. I’m giving the trip report from our latest Vegas excursion which was a couple weeks ago. We did a triangle trip to Vegas, Minneapolis, and back to Tampa.

    Las Vegas we did 3 nights comped at MGM Grand through my MLife account. Check-in was pretty quick for 8:30 PM but they messed up the reservation. We had requested a 2-Queen bed room instead of the King bed room because our “metrosexual” friend was going to stay with us (Love ya, Zach! [​IMG]:p) Anyway, they said it was going to be a $30 upcharge each night because it was an updated/larger room compared to the comped room. I asked if it could be waived since it was an error on their part. Luckily, it didn’t take a lot of convincing and they did.

    We met two additional friends at Chili’s near Planet Hollywood and “cheered” our Vegas adventure. (The other two friends were staying at NYNY for a combined MyVegas 2 Night/MyVegas 1 Night.) We started our next morning with a Denny’s breakfast! Loved me some pancakes and boy the host was cuuuute! Then, we went down the MGM Lazy River! Was a great experience until someone decided to defecate in it. (I know what you are wondering and no, it wasn’t my daughter or my husband.) Regardless, it did get everyone kicked out for over an hour. So after clean up, we took a leisurely stroll to the Mirage for the Lunch Buffet right before it switched to Dinner. 3 of us used the MyVegas Comped Lunch while Jason and me used our $50 room credit towards it. Someone may or may not have brought a 750-mL water bottle to help fill it with the complimentary wine… just saying. If that wasn’t bad enough two group members were walking the Strip with wine glasses from the buffet. How we did not get kicked out of Vegas for shenanigans, I’ll never know! Anyway, we room binged for the rest of the evening while a couple went gambling. Colleen is bad luck because she never won anything each time she played. Like literally went through $50 the entire trip and successfully got 1 line hit the entire trip. Our late night meal trip was Wolfgang Puck with 2 $25 BOGO vouchers. We ordered 4 different pizzas and shared them. The flavor was great and the pizzas weren’t overly filling. The next day we did a McDonald’s breakfast and toured the Strip with some light shopping. Our snack was a MyVegas Starbucks 2 for 1 in NYNY. Next, we had 5 MyVegas comped Aria buffets with an Mlife Line pass. (Thank gawd!) Clearly everyone tries to sneak in before the dinner prices kick in. We only walked out of Aria Buffet with two muffins so we didn’t exactly feel the “Vegas Police” on our backs when we left. As a critique, we usually find Aria Buffet a little better than Mirage, but OMG, Aria did a really nice job this last trip. Everyone thought so. We hope they keep it up the next time we go. Two of us were able to grab the MyVegas $50 drink credit at NYNY Times Square Bar. Not that I was there to comment, but I heard the live music and the drinks were great. I was being texted pictures and conversations not appropriate to repeat. So, of course, I was entertained! So the majority of the group went for the $100 comped drinks while Anastasia and I went back to the Lazy River in the MGM Grand. After giving Anastasia a bath and a snack, we met the group back at Bellagio Fountains and spent about an hour listening to the various summer hits. I love the Bellagio Fountains, don’t get me wrong, but we heard 3 subdued songs in a row, so we didn’t get to see the fountains “climax” so to speak. Afterwards, Jason and I FINALLY went down to gamble. I managed to cycle through $100 for about an hour (rare, let me tell you) while Jason pressed a button 3 times and won $159 betting $3. (…bitch…lol) Although our gambling typically is a lot longer, Anastasia wasn’t feeling well back up in the room with our fellow travelers, so we cut it short. The next day, due to a few hangovers, it took some of my companions until noon to get up out of bed. So, we vegged out in the room until we went to Nine Fine Irishmen with 3 $35 vouchers. (This is the MyVegas NFI 2 for 1 Reward.) After that, we went on a taxi to head to Minneapolis for a Minnesota family reunion. I wanted to go to Mystic Lake Casino for my old stomping grounds but it never seems to fit in the schedule. We’re excited to return to Luxor/Bellagio in late July for a private trip! Toodles!~~~
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    Good info, thanks for your report.

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