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The Future of Craps??

Discussion in 'Table Games' started by NickPappageorgio, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. NickPappageorgio

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    By way of update: It was reported (on Twitter) that the LINQ will be the first casino to offer this game, should be installed sometime during the beginning of 2019 per reports.
  2. joshj

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    Catching up after a hiatus, but I saw this craps table and as someone who's not afraid of computers or anything of that nature, man that Azure one is just over the top. Craps has the ability to be an exciting game without all that extra flashy stuff - if they wanted to move towards a more tech solution they should have the table itself be as familiar and simple as possible. That latter table, in the videos attached, where there's light-up zones but otherwise looks pretty standard, could be helpful as many times it can be hard in noisier environments to consistently hear the call. If it lit up that would certainly assist for those who couldn't hear it.
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  3. Tonez78

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    Thanks for sharing. The first video you posted showed a pretty cool Craps table. I'm like the rest, I am a Craps player and that would not interest me. I can see how the casinos like it as it requires less staffing.
  4. CherriesJubilee

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it's the future. Go back to the 1950's and tell someone playing a mechanical slot machine with coins that future slot machines would have curved digital screens, virtual buttons, and TITO for the payouts.

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