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The Player: Secrets of a Las Vegas Whale (Best casino advert EVER)

Discussion in 'Vegas News' started by NickPappageorgio, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. NickPappageorgio

    NickPappageorgio ¿Quién vigila a los vigilantes?
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    I'm sure a lot of people have seen this, but it was new to me. This is a 2014 "documentary" from Bloomberg about Don Johnson, who famously exploited some loop holes in the high-limit comp system to win over $15MM from certain casinos playing blackjack. Yes, at some level it's the best commercial for casinos ever, because it makes the dupes think that they can replicate Mr. Johnson's run.

    But I actually found it pretty interesting and not the worst piece on casinos I've ever seen. Is it romanticized? Of course. Steve Wynn having no mob connections being the most obvious, but I didn't hate the high-limit player which is unusual, and they do (at the end) actually talk fairly honestly about how he baked-in his advantage against the house. They also, inadvertently, reveal why these loopholes have been closed.

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  2. PartTimeDegen

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    I hadn't seen this before but watched it last night. I appreciated the financial history of Vegas in this one that is different than most other shows about Vegas. Actually learned a couple of things. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Byron

    Byron Member

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    mobs been involved in vegas all along. Bugsy ring any bells? Anyhow i think he was smart but also probably ran above expectation during that big winning streak. I wonder if he quit or limits are set much lower now if he plays. I would think casinos want their money back and would welcome him back but without the extra special cash back if lost.

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