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The Royal Flush Trip

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by Captain Bill, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Captain Bill

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    Second trip to Vegas this year became one for the record books (at least mine anyway). Had originally booked the Rio for 3 nights followed by the Red Rock for three nights. Rio was a good deal with an anticipated $500 in free play, but it was not to be since they still have not opened. They wanted to rebook me at Harrahs and I said no as I am not interested in the strip (and especially not Harrahs). I texted a host, I had never met, at the Sunset casino and he comped me a suite for the three nights...so it became and all Stations trip.
    Arrival via SWA direct flight was early, as usual, and I was at the hotel by 3:30. SWA was about 60% full and boarding and deplaning was easy.
    Stations encouraged social distancing by removing chairs, but all the machines were working. They are doing temperature checks as you enter the hotel/casino (so once in, no more checks). I play DDB VP and their machines are all FP at the $ level. My previous 5 visits to Sunset had been rather unsuccessful, but I absolutely love the decor of the casino so I keep coming back. This trip changed my luck at the Sunset.
    I gambled lightly the first night and lost under $200. Thursday was a 10X point day (even for VP) and I was planning to go big then.
    Thursday started out bright an early and I was anticipating a $30K day. 90 minutes into play (started at 8:00) and I was down $75 and up popped a spade RF on a 4 hold looking for the 10. Nice start I thought. Continued playing thru the day and actually held on to the win. It is worth mentioning that all meals on the trip were eaten at the various Stations cafes (on points, of course). After dinner, went back to play having put thru $24K in play for the day (going for the $30k). At 7:14, held 2 spades to a RF and it CAME. Two in the same day was pretty damn good and its only happened once before to me..and both of them spades. Ended up with $32K for the day which was 320,000 points.
    Friday started out heading in the wrong direction and I dropped about $900. Talked the wife into going to Boulder Station for the afternoon. Lunch at the Boulder cafe. Ended up dropping $1150 at Boulder with only a couple of 4K's. Back to Sunset and another $800 loss for the evening.
    We checked out Saturday morning with no more play at Sunset. Decided to visit Santa Fe Station for a few hours before moving on the Red Rock. Lunch at the Santa Fe cafe. All the Station casinos we visited had the same temperature check procedure. Unlike Sunset and Boulder Station you have to watch the pay schedules at the Santa Fe because all the machines are not FP on $ DDB (but most are). Started out well and it kept going. Shortly after lunch the VP gods smiled on me and with a 2 hold, I pulled the other 3 and up popped my third RF! That tied my previous record of 3 royals on a trip and I stilled had 2 days to go!
    Ended up leaving the Santa Fe up $4,450 (which met I was carrying alot of money on my body and I started thinking about visiting the bank on Monday).
    I've been staying at the Red Rock 4 times a year ever since they opened so they know me well. Have gone thru 3 hosts and my current one has done a good job for me. Stations is never been know as free with comps and FP (although a did get a $1,000 once in FP when I put thru a 100K), and I had the standard $50 in FP and $25 in food. She did put me in a suite tho and that was nice. Saturday play was pretty much a wash and I lost $120.
    Sunday was another 10X day and I planned on putting thru another $30K, which would end up putting me pretty close to the 100K points I needed to maintain President status. I acutally was dealt 4 to a Royal 9 times, but never pulled it. What I did pull was 4A's four times, kicker 4's two times, and kicker 2's two times.
    Thats $6400 and it felt like I had hit another RF! So another great day at the casino. Ended up putting thru $31k. An interesting note is that the menu at all the Station cafes we ate at was the same, except that the Red Rock one was about %15 percent higher for the same items (and their donuts were almost a $1 higher).
    Monday started off with a $200 loss at the RR so we decided to visit Palace Station for the afternoon. Palace station's casino was remodeled last year and it is very nice. In the previous 3 visits there I have had 2 good ones and one bad one. This visit started out really bad with no 4K's for the first $1,000 put thru and I was ready to leave and than the Gods smiled again. On an ace hold, I pulled the rest for another RF. MAKE MY DAY!
    Since I was now at a 103,000 for the visit, we packed up and headed back to Red Rock. On the way back we decided to stop at the Sun Coast casino so my wife could put thru $20 to keep her points active. When Boyd changed to their reward program and royally screwed VP players we have been trying to use up our points with meals there. Each of us had about $500 in meal comps and we are still working at using them up. So the wife set down at a buffalo machine when we arrived and put in a whole $6 in ones. Talk about luck. After about 10 spins with some wins she got the 3 coins and the odyssey started. She ended up over 50 spins and $680. I enjoyed myself immensely with much shouting during her play looking for more coins and the special buffaloes. We left after cashing out...stick it to you Boyd.
    Back to the Red Rock for an uneventful evening with another $400 loss at the RR.
    Trip back via SWA was uneventful and arrived early.
    Bottom line, my second biggest winning trip and my first four RF trip.
    And I can skip going back to Vegas this year since I locked in my Stations President thru June of next year.
    Of course, I probably won't skip another visit this year.

    A SWA note, if you do not use their credit card you are missing out. This trip clocked in as our 232 free trip since getting the card (my wife has been a companion member since they started it). Of course, it helps that I can put all my business expenses on it.
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  2. Wiscolovesvegas

    Wiscolovesvegas Platinum

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    Now that’s a hell of a trip. Congrats :)
  3. Tessa QC

    Tessa QC Gold
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    What a trip! Thanks for sharing your recap!
  4. clr

    clr Bronze
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    Stations, platinum
    Loved your report as we are loyal GVR and Red Rock patrons and feel as you do about the strip. Congrats on being a 4 flusher though, few can have that bragging right one single line in 1 trip! The VP gods were smiling on you for sure!
  5. Elf70

    Elf70 Palladium
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    Congrats on an awesome trip with so many great wins!
  6. aprilroncincy

    aprilroncincy Palladium

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    Gold MLife
    What a great trip! Congrats on so many wins! And congrats to your wife on Buffalo!
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  7. MNSlotLover

    MNSlotLover Ainsworth Whisperer
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    That's a very nice trip! Hope to see more reports from you in the future!
  8. Lousyatcraps

    Lousyatcraps Not Lousyatslots

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    Congrats on a great trip and happy birthday!!
  9. sdbruin619

    sdbruin619 Silver
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    NIce Win
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  10. tringlomane

    tringlomane Theoretical Video Poker Addict
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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Nice trip!
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  11. Texas Steph

    Texas Steph I think I'm addicted to Vegas...
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    Thanks for the TR, congrats on an amazing RF run, and happy birthday to you!!
  12. BoVegas

    BoVegas Gold

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    cesars, The D, 4 Queens, Orlens
    Good TR, super info, nice wins, Thanks
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  13. seviay

    seviay Silver

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    Thanks for posting. You might consider including some pictures and/or breaking up your paragraphs into separate posts or putting a bold heading before each new 'story'. The wall of text is a little rough
  14. kentucky bob

    kentucky bob Silver

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    grazi mlife red card Seminole wild card
    Congrats on an excellent winning trip. Thanks for posting and the info on station casions
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  15. IrishDave

    IrishDave Chairman
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    Nice trip, congrats! Totally agree on the SWA card, we'll see how much travelling we do over the next year tho.
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