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Top 5 Value Hotel/Casino's in LV

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by MatthewNL, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. MatthewNL

    MatthewNL Silver

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    With all of the changes to Las Vegas recently I thought It might be helpful to put together a current list of the few casinos that still have a lot of great value. I would be taking cost/quality of rooms, availability of fair odds, location and dining/amenity options in mind.

    Combined for both the strip and downtown my list would be as follows:

    1. The LINQ - With all of the new renovations the rooms and the hotel itself has some great value for how cheap it is to stay here. Very good location, basically right in the middle of the strip, only issue is the gaming odds are poor but its a few minute walk to much better gambling options. The pool is also too small.

    I have staid here 3 times this year now and have been really happy to have this as a affordable home base, service from the staff has been amazing. Easy to get room comped.

    2. The Plaza - My go to spot for a cheap weekend in Vegas. The best bar video poker odds I have ever seen, 9/6 BPD +. If they know you are a regular higher end drinks are usually available Hennessy etc. Rooms are clean,great location and SO AFFORDABLE!. Close enough to Fremont but not too close to be bothered by the noise.

    3. Treasure Island - Great strip location, near the WYNN and other nice properties. Generous comp program. Best gambling odds on the strip or at least up there in the top 2-3. Cons, terrible, terrible restaurants and they have recently closed their poker room.

    4. Main Street Station - Kind of a toss up between El Cortez or MSS but NO RESORT FEE wins. Boars head video poker bar and cheap dining options that are decent. Rooms are fine for the price and great location downtown.

    5. Luxor - Staff is amazing, easy to get comps, great shows (Fantasy) super cheap buffet that is decent and other good dining options nearby. Luxor likely won't be on any of my lists in the future due to the closing of their poker room and MLIFE's terrible reward system.

    With that being said my favorite casino to stay at would still be the Aria but it is getting worse by the day in terms of value. I can stay in a luxury 5 star resort in Cuba or Mexico for an entire week for the same or less cost. Why spend that type of money for a weekend at Aria ??
    #1 MatthewNL, Oct 18, 2018
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  2. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
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    I agree with TI on the basis of perceived slot payback and low table mins. But I think their rooms are overpriced on the weekends considering the overall quality/options of the property.

    Luxor I'd agree with. Even with limited dining options on-property (especially room service that ends at 2:00pm), the rooms are solid value, especially the suites in the Towers. Definitely an underrated property vs. its reputation, much better (IMO) than the similarly priced hotels in the lower half of CET's pecking order. I don't care about location because I spend 99% of my time at the property I'm staying at.

    Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand and MB, are their rooms worth their prices? Eh, they're probably fairly priced. If you can't get comped, they're at least worth the tier-discounted prices (if you can get 20% - 30% off retail). But they certainly don't represent value by comparison.

    V/P I think actually can be a pretty good value if you can snag a 60-day discount rate on favorable dates, you can get their rooms for $149-$159 midweek. Still the best standard room on the Strip and superior property overall. Kinda bad gaming though, especially slot holds.

    Even Wynn, I've never stayed there but I still get offers for $129 weekday/$219 weekend with a 3rd free weekday night and $200 FREECREDIT. That's a good value. You can put together a 3 night stay for $258 (before resort fee and taxes) and you're getting $200 freeplay. Probably unfavorable gaming though, like V/P.

    The rest I can't comment on.
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  3. bayoubengal

    bayoubengal World's Worst VP Player
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    Downtown Grand - Silver
    I agree with the LINQ as being a good value. The renovations are well done. The rooms are a bit on the small side but it has a great mid strip location with easy access to 4 or 5 other properties. It’s a good choice for someone that doesn’t need or want a high end luxury accommodation.
  4. momnkid

    momnkid Platinum
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    This is why I still shed a tear for the loss of Bill's Gambling Hall & Saloon.
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