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Trip 15: "Get Me A Suit!" Battling with Vegas Beancounters

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by tringlomane, Sep 20, 2016.

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Note: This report will be in two installments with the second coming 24-48 hours later. So if you don't like to comment until the end, please keep this in mind.

    Bold text represents key events and locations.


    Day 1, Tues. 9/6: The Welcome Mat Rolled Up at Monte Carlo

    Once again, going back to Vegas! 15th trip overall and 13th in the past 5 years with my g/f!! And her 5th Birthday trip in the last 6 years!! From now on I'll refer to her as M. Outbound flight for us was on Frontier from STL and no major issues. During slow times, I ended up hitting a straight flush playing practice Double STP. Nothing too eventful but foreshadows the trip.






    The day of our trip, we decide to sign up for Thrifty's club last minute to “skip the line”. That probably created a longer wait because they didn't have our info connected. Once that was straightened out, the dude to check us out at the gate was more interested with playing on his phone than helping us!

    Soon after we move over to the Monte Carlo to check in. Drive the car into the parking garage and grab our parking ticket. Were told to hook it up to our reservation at the front desk, which we tried to do. The front desk, employee, as we would eventually learn, did not do so!

    Entrance to MC lobby from garage.


    Pics of room. Quiet and great views of NYNY and T-Mobile Arena!




    To use some of M's dad food credit, we tried 800 degree pizza, but were hesitant to order pizzas individually. Probably was a good idea, because I was the one who liked it the most. But these pizzas are definitely individual size, so keep that in mind!

    As this point we split up as I need to go to the room, I tell them I would meet them at NYNY. But I was so slow at it, they moved on to a souvenir store across the street. I decide to do a bartop check, and when I do...I think I am on the 25c level instead of the $5 level. OOPS!!! Fortunately I hit this for a $50 profit!!



    Do more checks and play other games at NYNY. Found old Bally units that play “Let It Ride” for as cheap as 25c. Broke even on that. And lost a few bucks on an old slot machine I like “Ring Quest”. NYNY is definitely in the past with their slots...


    Since we barely ate, we decide to get another meal at somewhere easy like McDonalds. I tell M to park at the Mirage garage because I still hoped to meet @Kimsa70 at Bellagio. MGM hotel guests have free reign of parking at any MGM property if they pay the fee...and it works! Did it work?...hell no! So we in and out of the Mirage (free under an hour) and move to the “Viva Vegas” McDonalds near Slots-A-Fun. It's a nice McDonalds, but even at 10pm on a weekday deals with a good percentage of the “down and out”. :(



    By this time, I get the word from Kimsa that she's beat, and has an 8am flight out. However, considering the chaos we were having, I probably couldn't make it anyway either. I tried to meet up with a good number of ppl this trip, but our relative chaos prevented a lot of them, unfortunately.

    Food was decent, get back to Monte Carlo garage, and of course the pass still doesn't work. They tell us to go to the front desk again. This time a lady that could care less says she hooked the parking to M's key only because the rest of us weren't with her in line. I guess she would have to scan all the other keys otherwise.

    By the time this was all said and done, it was after 11p and everyone was losing and fed up, except me of course. But after some internal debate, I thought it was best to call it early because I was sober, a $50 winner, and had 6 more nights to go!

    But before bed, see these odd back to back quads for public display. Aces with a Ten and Tens with an Ace!



    Day 2, Wed. 9/7: Happy Birthday M!!! Aria Buffet and a Great Tender Dinner!

    Wake up to Didier Synder, M was reasonably tolerable to this.


    We run off to the MC pool in the morning, which was much calmer and enjoyable than we expected. The pace of the lazy river was faster than usual and we probably did ten laps.

    Views of the pool from the Aria Tram



    Lunch was at Aria buffet via myVegas. And while redeeming the award, some one else occupied Row 802.


    Another food pic failure, but I got these:


    Then a Joe IPA (6.9%; 4 sips) from the Gem Bar. That bartender was more into helping others at VP than I've seen in a long time.


    Row 802 opens up. Game of choice 8/6 Boner Deluxe (98.99%). One quick multiplier hit.


    Jean Phillippe Display


    Happy Birthday, M!


    Aria Fall Display


    Golden Road's Get Up Offa That Brown from the Sports Bar from dreaded White Beard (5.5%; 3.75 sips)


    We run off to Cosmo's Pool for the afternoon while her parents stay at Monte Carlo.

    Pics of Cosmo and Boulevard Pool


    This will have to do because I forgot to get to the habitat!!


    They added a lot more loungers since February.




    A tip for the Vegas Players...


    For dinner, we go to Tender. Of course the parking pass fails again at Luxor. M gets $10 freeplay for her Birthday Wheel Spin. Dinner was great. One of the best myVegas rewards left.

    My steak...I suck at remembering doing food porn. And yes I know it's well-done. M wanted to split...lol


    Also a free crème brulee dessert for her birthday!


    The biggest disappointment was the beer I had, Dogfish Head 60 min. It was probably dated.

    Playing off her free play on Noah's Ark


    Now run to Gold Coast for an hour so her parents could take advantage of “Young at Heart” day, and we did a few coupons (thanks for the extras @da1chifan !) Unfortunately, that was personally a good loss for me. It doesn't help that the Gold Coast rules were different than what I was used to. You were supposed to present the coupon before playing $10 coin-in. At the Orleans, it doesn't matter. Oops. Also lost my $10 MP after doubling down for $20 more, oops.

    Got a Dale's Pale Ale. Tap meh. (6.5%; 3.5 sips)


    Gamble it up a bit for the best bartop I would stumble across all trip, 9/6 JoB (99.54%)


    Also decide to screw around a bit at 2c 6/5 Bonus Ultimate X (~98%) and Dream Card (~97%)


    First 4 to a Royal misses and first quad hit on 2c Dream Card...ugh



    Take a relative beating at Gold Coast. Down $50?

    Get back to MC, parking still not working right. they are all worn out again. At the time, I had been chatting with @Riders to meet up during his impromptu trip. I head over to Cosmo. Get there and start playing 6/5 Super DDB (97.69%) at the Sportsbook bar before asking him where he exactly is. Works out well for me and helps rebound from the rest of the day.

    Start with a Firestone Walker 805 Blonde, better than I expect (4.7%, 4 sips)


    Dealt Quad! Welcome to the Cosmopolitian indeed!

    Have a nice chat over a wide variety of topics. Unfortunately, neither of us could hit anything good while chatting. Riders particularly missed a lot of good draws. He was holding the kicker a lot at TDB while next to me. I did get to try this great beer though, Tenaya Creek Hauling Oats (5.7%; 4.25 sips).


    And I had an encore of Hauling Oats plus a Sculpin (7%; 4.25 sips) thanks to gifted drink tickets. I failed to earn any tickets on my own that night. Riders got one about every 20 minutes. I tried the “spritzfaced” at the Chandelier from my one comped drink from my initial $20 buy-in, which evaporated. It could have been better..I would have been pissed if I paid $16+tip (3.25 sips).



    I kept poking at the machine for water...their bartenders could only give one comped water out at a time as well...ugh. But at least he didn't ask for a drink ticket! By the end, the Cosmo got their way and my early quad got eaten and I lost $20 there. Just what they wanted, doh! Stumble Back to the MC, but not before a small $4 win at BeeeJay Memorial Row. ;)

    What a tease though...



    Day 3, Thurs. 9/8: Things Finally Get Straightened Out. A Downtown Victory and MGM Trolling a Hooker!

    While I was lollygagging in the room, they all go to the Front Desk to complain about the parking again. And finally they found an employee and manager (A “Suit” as M's Dad calls them) that would break. Waived parking and resort fees. Of course when that happened the cards still had issues since the slate was wiped clean. Also had issues redeeming our free play at the M Life desk because the reservation wasn't hooked together right. But fortunately, that was able to be fixed over the phone with the front desk.

    By all this delay though, it was basically time to drive to the Mirage buffet. Of course the parking ticket doesn't work, but that's not a shock because parking was wiped clean earlier. But at least we half expected this to happen this time.

    Pic of the lobby aquarium


    Mirage buffet was pretty good. And they stepped up their craft game since our last visit a couple of years ago. The guest tap at the moment was Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro (6%; 4.25 sips). Much better “Porta Coffee”, as the bartender first described it, than expected.


    We play at Mirage for awhile. I play a little 3 Way Action Poker (you can only play this in Vegas), and get a couple of beers as Lobby Bar. Newcastle (4.7%; 3 sips) and Goose IPA (5.8%; 3.25 sips). I pay for them...meh. We were there for over an hour gambling. I should have ran to TAG at that point.

    Now we run to Cosmo for more pool time for us. M hoped her dad would join us. But he was more interested in gambling this trip, so we left them down in the casino to play. After that, we move back to the room to prepare going downtown.

    Initially I wrote off going downtown (and I wrote off a lot of plans overall this trip, fwiw) because the only one who really gives a shit about downtown is me. However, about 2 days before our trip began, M's Dad was told by his nephew that his daughter was a “host” at Main St. Station and would hook him up with a dinner, so now he wants to go downtown.

    So now we go, but not before a visit to the north outlet mall first.


    We get to MSS close to 9. I immediately watch the tail end of the NFL opener with a peanut $5 moneyline bet on the Broncos. The Panthers kicker choking bails me out.

    That's a winner!


    I then rejoin the party, and mostly listen to them chatting to a 21-year old employee about family crap I could care less about. She also comes off as dumb to me. I even text M things like this while she chats away to M's parents like the following: “I don't like her.” And then after we break off, I text M “She didn't give him (M's dad...a Boyd Sapphire) shit, did she?”. That was true as well. Pretty sure the “host's” dad lied about her power...host my ass!!! Pretty sure she's just a players' club attendant.

    But nevertheless, we were hungry, and we try MSS's 777 Grill for dinner using M's dads points since the “host” couldn't help us out... Everyone else gets a burger, and seems to like it. I get a BBQ chicken sandwich instead. Guess I made a wrong choice, pretty dry. Also get a Carlsbad IPA (7.8%; 3.25 sips). I had to add ice to finish the 23 oz. Beer. Too many off flavors when it was warmer. Service was terribly slow too. It would have to be free for me to go back.


    M's parents want to gamble for awhile. I want to run to do some coupons. Ask M to come with me, but she balks. So I go out on my own.

    First I hit the Cal to check the new Holo Holo bar. Paytables meh, but they have some craft beer compable unlike Filament at Fremont. I note that they offer Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, so I was excited because I've struggled to find it for “free” in Vegas. But their continuously lighted, water cooled display made this particular beer skunk city (7%; no rating due to terrible housing conditions). When a label looks this wet, it's going to be disappointing.


    This was also disappointing.


    Still was up $12.50 there though thanks to this at 97.68% Double Bonus Deuces


    M and her mom were playing VP at MSS and not doing badly either!


    And 2 quads within four minutes for M's mom!



    Now I went to Downtown Grand for the start of my coupon hunt with a $10 MP. Get there. Lose it after an initial push.

    Now belly up to the bar thanks to info about Joseph James beers now being there on tap. First try their Hop Box on tap (8.2%; 4.25 sips). Great on tap!

    Forgot to take a pic of the beer full...lol


    As for VP, I do a quick math check, and determine that 8/5 DDB with a $900 AWAK (>99%) is better than 8/6 Boner Deluxe (98.49%). Early on, the machine wasn't too kind, and ate the first $20 fairly quickly. I could have decided to quit and moved on with the coupons. But I sorta wanted to try the “I'm out Stout”, so I reload.

    So glad I did...


    Where's the kicker though?!?! Nevertheless, a gambling first for me surprisingly. A progressive in any form! $214, I'll take it!

    The “I'm Out Stout” was well worth it also (9.3%; 4.5 sips).


    By the time I'm done, the couponing window is over with closed players' clubs, but I don't mind being a $180 winner at the bar!


    Get back to MC close to 1am. Again, they are fading, but I want to hit up MGM a bit, so I do.

    But first burn off myVegas freeplay at MC...got $22 of $25, not terrible.



    And the 6/5 BP progressive on the floor got up to $1900, approaching 99%. This guy wrongly holding 3 to a flush betting 2 won't win it though!


    Walk to MGM. Walk in, take a deep breath, expecting their signature smell. Nope. No more expected smell. Disappointing. See the club girls at Hakkasan. Then work my way into the casino. Many other club/hooker types floating around.


    Play at Whiskey Down for awhile because open seat, and they will comp Dogfish Head 60 min (6%; 4 sips). This tasted better because it was fresher, and settled for 6/5 Bonus (96.87%) thanks to downgrades. Get a refill, but basically pay for the beer.


    You can play video BJ with terrible rules for up to $100 a credit here!


    Drag the beer to the 7/5 Bonus Quick Quads (98.29%) for nickels. To slow things down, I'm playing on my phone. Not long after, a pretty blonde girl comes up to me and asks me if I'm “sexting”. I say no. And then she asks what my hat is about. I say it's a Quebec Nordiques hat. She asks me if I'm from there. I say no, but I'm from where the beer I'm currently drinking (Budweiser) is made.

    She proceeds to name off random states. Then I hint to her its in the Midwest. Then she proceeds to name most Midwest states that aren't the correct answer (Missouri). Eventually, I give her the answer. She then progresses to things like “why are you here?” Answer: “My g/f's Birthday”. “Where is she?” “In Bed.” “Can you get us a room?” “I don't think that's a good idea.” I feel a little guilty for possibly leading her on, she seemed nice at least. As we begin to reach a clear impasse, I make the comment, “I hope you find a guy that makes more money than I do.” She downplays looking for people like that and then leaves.

    Go back to playing Quick Quads and get my first Quick Quad in Vegas in over 2.5 years! Yes, it's been that long! :(


    Wished you were here @jpw711 !


    Lobby Bar still packed at 3:45am!!


    Did find the girl that gave me attention working on another group of guys, faces blurred off.


    Wrapped up the night from there





    Day 4, Fri. 9/9: Cheap Bastardism: Switch Hotel and Car with Fast Food Meals

    Get up. Prep to leave Monte Carlo.. And by some way I really can't figure out...M's Dad made Pearl this trip! So unless parking rules change...we can use the garage with him until Sept. of next year! Then a buy one get one coupon at the Original Chicken Tender for lunch. Damn this stuff is awesome.


    Another Monte Carlo VP fail.


    Now we have to move hotels to the Rio since M's dad gets it free for the weekend except for the dreaded resort fees. Anything on the Strip would have been $100 more.

    M's parents were impressed with the size of the room.

    Good view too.



    Since we had a car for the weekend, thought no big whoop about the Rio. But the big whoop was we also were switching cars thanks to the Enterprise “weekend special”. Our “special” was a Chevy Cruze. The take-home for the weekend. Never buy this car! To gain extra economy, the engine and a/c partially shuts off when your stopped creating a choke-like pickup when you let off the brake (great for the Vegas strip!)


    Then we return the car we wish we could have all week (Hyundai Elantra) back to McCarran. Then hit up the South Outlet Mall, and I'm sorta fighting off a hangover.

    Then head out toward Green Valley.

    Go to Kohl's (my favorite store ever! ;)) to keep M happy. Finally back to a place with “free beer”, Green Valley Ranch. Used Groupon to have Fatburger for dinner. Also down 3 Sierra Nevadas (5.6%; 4 sips) in hope of calming the headache. Meh, not as much as I hoped. Fatburger was great. My results at GVR for my beers not so much, -$20. Fail on food porn again!

    Fatburger poster


    On the way back from GVR, the headache was still there and bother to ask M to give me some Advil. Was hoping to meet up with @VegasMonkey at Cosmo that night, but unfortunately was too late! Park at Flamingo and they are heading toward the gift shop, and all of a sudden, I gotta piss bad. So I tell them I'm heading to the bathroom, and the only one I can find is near Bugsy's Cabaret.

    At that point, I tell myself I'm half way to TAG and might as well go the rest of the way. I inform M of this via text. She was not pleased.

    But ahhhh...I'm finally at my second home!!!


    See my favorite bartender, Stan, who now has a shaved head and a full beard instead of a goatee, and say hello. Start drinking and playing 7/5 Triple Bonus Plus (97.67%) toward the 1000th overall check-in on my Untappd app.

    But who do I run into first degenerately playing the Ultimate X machines at TAG? @Gaggles ! We have a nice chat along with his g/f and also watching him play away at the game helps me slow down my roll a lot. ;) Watching him pull an 8X quad Kings for $250 was quite the exciting hit as well! But not surprisingly, his party was pushing him to move on to other things after awhile, but I could tell he didn't want to leave that machine! Haha Good seeing you again buddy!

    Here are some of the beers I had to push to 1000 check-ins. About 43% of them being unique beers.

    998: Mother Earth Boo Koo IPA 6.5%; 4 sips. Gaggles itchy trigger finger in the corner. Haha


    999: The Dudes' Double Trunk DIPA 9.4%; 3.75 sips


    1000th checkin Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style IPA 6.5%; 4.5 sips


    I'm getting toasty and I tried to slam a quad out of this and accidently held the fifth card along right before hitting the deal/draw button...shit!


    But I didn't stop there!

    Santa Fe Java Imperial Stout (8%; 4.25 sips)


    20 minutes later...first blood at TAG!


    And to cap off there, Brooklyn Defender IPA (6.7%; 3.75 sips)


    Now I'm feeling really toasty. While apparently M and her parents were going through hell at the Margaritaville store. Apparently, M's dad wanted a shirt and wanted to use his TR credits to pay for it. Well, the register accidentally double charged him. Well, apparently, rectifying this was a major pain in the ass. And when they went to the TR desk, a manager told him that it wasn't a big deal that he got charged twice... WTF??? So they were all pissed because it couldn't be resolved that night. No shirt, was double charged, and they were furious.

    The infamous shirt


    End up going back to the Rio.

    Show in the Sky, RIP


    Kiss mini golf car


    They go get some Smashburger and play for a bit. Eventually I break off and start playing some 8/5 JoB w/Double STP at Shutters (97.79%). The bartender, Dan, was working his ass off when it was busy. It was nice to see. I began to start ordering Lagunitas IPA (6.2%; 4 sips) and water. I did alright there.


    Wish I would have improved here though!


    M saw a guy who filled the board with bonus symbols on “China Shores” for the maximum 450 free games! Too bad it wasn't her!


    After Dan gave me an encore without me really asking for it...shit, I was really feeling it. I move away from the bar to the penny Spin Poker Deluxe machines with 6/5 Super DDB (97.69%). Play for awhile. But I start to feel all that beer...about 430 am. I get a tap on the shoulder for the first time ever. I briefly passed out in front of the Spin Poker game. I was betting 25c per spin, zzzzz. Once that happened, I said, “I guess I should go to bed.” He asked me if I was staying there. I immediately answer, “Yep, Room 1201 Ipanema Tower.” I was let go after that. Semi-embarrassed and not telling the rest of the crew about that. I slink into bed.

    How was I able to survive Part 2? ;)

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    Great trip report so far! Looking forward to next part
  3. New York Lady

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    Let it Ride for .25 at NYNY...:)...Ok so I flippin LOVE that game. NYNY is the only casino in Vegas that I remembering having it. I played that one afternoon for 4 hours and I think I lost maybe .75 My bankroll is never big enough or maybe I'm not brave enough to play it at a table. Thanks Tringlomane for dusting off a fond memory. Love the view from your room. Interesting to see that part of the strip. If I drank a quarter of the beers that you did security would have to find a wheelchair to get be back to my room. Looking forward to reading part 2
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    A lot of them
    Enjoying this TR and all of the pictures. Don't know how you have the energy or patience to write and photograph such a detailed report but glad you do. My Vegas trips end up being just a blur when finished and I never bother taking pictures...don't even carry my phone with me.
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    wow, great trip report so far - shame about the dogfish head 60 minute, I don't drink a ton of beer anymore but it's always been my favorite domestic brewery - really impressed with your level of detail, memory, and pics!
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    I love long trip reports with lots of photos and this one is great! Looking forward to the second installment!
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  7. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Thanks everyone!

    Yeah, I loved the MC View too, and other than being "close to the elevator" we didn't have any special requests. As for Let it Ride, I dabbled in it briefly over a decade ago, but I never seemed to get anything better than 2 pair, so my money just got ate away. :(

    It does take awhile, and also I will end up going back and reading these when I am longing to go back. And pictures help my drunken memory! ;)

    Now here's Part 2...
  8. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Day 5, Sat. 9/10: Red Rock Buffet. Now We Become Solo While Someone is a BIG Winner at TAG!!!

    The morning rolls around. Obviously I'm slow as hell, and they go downstairs to play a bit and bitch about the lack of internet last night/this morning. Voila! “Get Me a Suit!” wipes another resort fee away.

    For lunch, we decide on Red Rock Buffet before they go back to the airport.






    That was a great choice. Most things we had were quite good.

    Gambling at Red Rock for me, not so much. Like GVR, I get boned.

    Try the Austin Powers machine, lose about $12 in $13 coin-in of min bets. “No, Baby! No!!!”


    Lose about another $20 in 8/5 Bonus w/prog. at the bar. But at least I got more beer? 'Merica! Fuck Yeah! (5%; 3.5 sips)


    Before you know it, we need to take M's parents back to McCarran. Even though neither were winners, they both said, “We should have stayed longer”. Well, you could have when we booked it! Doh!

    After dropping them off, we were a bit beat, so we go back to Rio to nap a bit. After that we check out the pool. Sizable area, but nothing we want was there. The hottub we probably would have liked the most was closed as well. After that we decide to park at Flamingo because they only required platimum to park valet, and I would play her father if they asked. They didn't. First issue of business. Go to the Margaritaville gift shop to get an update about the shirt debacle. The manager that was dealing with them last night had a change of heart. Shirt free. But she told us the person in power that could refund the rewards credits wouldn't be in until Monday. That was fine with us as long as it got done. We checked his account Monday afternoon, and it indeed got done. So happy ending there. We then go to Planet Hollywood to eat “Earl of Sandwich” to burn a room food credit. We both get a Hawaiian BBQ and it was very good.

    After that, I say to M, “Let's go to Paris.” It's not like it used to be, but thought we would enjoy a strawberry daiquiri at Gustav's. That we did without costing us too much in play. Paris is really showing its age though. The TITO kiosks are particularly in desperate need of replacement.


    Work our way back to Flamingo, and I play by M on slots for a bit. She tried a machine she had good luck on last time. Well, she had good luck again! I on the other hand, not so much. I move machines. Eventually I play a machine hot enough to give my money back...haha But after awhile, I'm craving good beer and hint to her I'm going back to TAG. She says “Okay, I'll meet you there.”

    Go back to TAG, and Stan immediately asks where the “missus” is since it was my 2nd night solo. Tell him she should be coming later. But glad she didn't for a couple of reasons. One, it was hot as hell at TAG that night, and Two, she was holding her own well at Flamingo.

    As for me...I didn't do so hot.

    Had some nice beers.

    Kook DIPA (8.5%; 4.5 sips)


    Then followed up by it's IPA cousin, Swami's! (6.8%; 4.25 sips)


    Missed a 4 to a straight flush for $125, but get the pity flush at least!


    After that, I move one machine over since the other one wasn't hitting much, and the far left unit was out, so if M showed, she could take either side of me since I moved to the third unit down the bar. Soon after a lady that looked in her 70s appeared, plays on my former machine, and not too long after hits quad 2s on 8/5 DDB (96.79%). One of the first things that came out of her mouth was the official DDB credo, “I wish I got the kicker!” I kindly remind her that it's better to get the quad first. She begrudgingly agrees. But no less than ten hands later, she hits this.


    Fuck my life. And if I didn't believe in Nevada law, I would be bitter for life! And from holding one damn card! But as a consolation, I did get to see someone truly excited to hit a Royal, and later I was told by Stan that she was a regular that was overdue. She also gave $20 for the crew. So that made me feel better, but I was overdue for a Royal at the quarter level lifetime as well...and well as any premium quad at TAG! :(

    Need a “strong” drink after that. Dogfish Head Burton Baton will do (10%; 4 sips)


    Also an unpictured Alpine Duet (7%; 4 sips)

    All the hits were on M's end that night.




    What a tease...



    Could have used this one at TAG for $150...lol


    I was maybe down $60 at TAG? Doh. I tell M, I'm coming back to Flamingo without her beckoning. Never a good sign for me!

    Get back to Rio, valet full, but we find an okay spot about 2am.


    I tell M that I am going to check some bartops and play just a bit. Yeah, I lied a bit. But I got off to a hot start at Rio, and my losses at TAG were mostly wiped away.



    Unfortunately, as time went on. I cooled off. I really started to cool off when the “red light/green light” system suddenly turned on at Shutters at about 4am. Bartenders weren't bound to the lights at this point, but Dan told me I was green while playing, and flashing red when I was chatting. He made it sound like as long you were green while you got your drink, you were good, so it could be worse.

    By the end of the night, I was close to even at Rio, and go back up to bed again at a late hour. But M's wrath was definitely building.


    Day 6, Sun. 9/11: South Point Screws M and She Snaps. Ellis Island BBQ Recovery!

    We get up to check out of Rio. We do it express via the TV since it was her Dad's offer.

    Rio book for Sunday Morning Football



    I then suggest that we go to South Point to use the birthday points at South Point that we thought she would get and eat some of their deli and hot dogs for lunch. M sorta has a bad feeling about this, and doesn't really want to go there. But I sorta push her toward it, and tell her to sign up for the points since that was worth $7.50 or so, and that South Point likely won't have a better deal. Well after she signs up...she learns they stopped doing the birthday month promo. So she gets nothing for signing up. Now she is PISSED. After that I'm trying to do damage control.

    We audible and do TGI Friday's at the Orleans. Wasn't the best, but it got her mind off South Point. But she also realized they got rid of our favorite blue lemonade mix for drinks and the royal at the progressive bar just got hit! We can't win! Also did more coupons there to little avail.

    A whopping $1 of slot points for her! But that's better than what tight ass South Point did!


    They aren't gone yet, but rumor says they will be...


    By now, it's about checkin time and we head to Ballys, the hotel that began it all for us. Our main concern is quiet, so we ask for something with a pool view or a no view. The first room in the Indigo tower would have covered it, but we immediately smelled tobacco smoke (with a hint of weed) in our non-smoking room. Immediately return to the front desk before we were reassigned to room 2090 which was perfectly serviceable. Ask about a hot tub at the pool, they say no, but you can use the general spa facilities with your resort fee.

    After that we were again fairly beat and take another nap. By the time we wake up, it was too late for the spa as they only stay open until 6 pm. Eventually drag ourselves out of the room and go hit up Wynn mostly because I wanted to see the Popeye statue.

    Mission Accomplished.


    Now off to Circus Circus in hope for souvenirs and a new frozen drink cup. Took some effort but found some decent shirts. The drink cup not so much. They converted to the ripoff company “Big Chill”. Lost $10 in 8/5 Aces and Eights (100.25%+prog.).

    Rivera RIP



    Now run to Ellis Island to try their BBQ for the first time. Why didn't we do this sooner!!! This was some great stuff and tons of food!! Some forum members are missing out!!


    Of course when in Rome, one must drink one of the brews. I had the IPA (5.8%; 3.75 sips). Nice standard IPA, and the price can't be beat!


    But M's Root Beer was even better (N/A; 4.25 sips)

    After our tummies were quite full, we use some coupons and go and play a bit. They got rid of my beloved Quick Quads, but now they offer some full pay games as cheap as nickels. Even the odd “Shockwave Poker” (99.55%). Alas, I didn't hit much and lost about $10 or so. But M did well on the coupons and hit quads at 9/6 DDB (98.98%) to be up $40!

    Figure it would give me 4 Aces for $6.25 just to frustrate me. But seeing “Shockwave Mode” would have been new, two quads within 10 hands of each other makes the 2nd quad worth a Royal.


    A 40 coin flush isn't bad though:


    No missed straight flush draw here!


    M did better though.


    I had ambitions about going to Hard Rock and Tuscany (they have a new craft beer bar) while we still had the car. But heck it was almost 10:30p now, and we wanted to play off some free play that M got at Cosmo from play that expired at midnight. So, best go to cosmo first. So we did. And we ended up staying awhile.

    First play this to honor the late Gene Wilder, he appreciated my donation.


    Also got no where on “A Christmas Story”. Time to belly up again!

    First have another “Hauling Oats” at Bond bar. And then drag the rest of my drink to the Sportsbook Bar. That was a mistake. The bartender made me earn a drink ticket for another one! I should have refused out of principle, but they did have a beer I wanted. A longgggg 20 minutes and $120 coin-in later, it spit me out a ticket. Thank God this beer was worth it. Possibly the best beer all trip!

    Disturbing trend of the future...


    Modern Times Fortunate Islands (5%; 4.75 sips)


    Unfortunately, neither of us got much going, and now it's 12:30am. At this point, I'm writing off Hard Rock/Tuscany. :( Park the car at Bally's and we both head toward my 2nd home. All the while, I have been keeping an eye out the excellent live TR from spdandpwr on VMB. He said he was at TAG that night, so I post that I'm here too in my “stick out like a sore thumb” clothing. Eventually he spotted us and introduced himself.

    After that we had a hell of a time! Lots of chatting, drinking, and chugging. He could definitely kill me in that latter department. Even chugging water, which we both probably needed by that hour! He would run circles around me partying generally. The energy he has for Vegas is a sight to see! I can tell he loves the place and Atlantic City is no comparison to him.

    Unfortunately, as a theme this trip...the people I did get a chance to meet up with this trip ran cold as ice, and so do I. So I guess that's a bit of relative good news to those I tried to meet up with but couldn't coordinate it! Sorry things fell through! :(

    Some of the beers I had at TAG that night.

    Union Jack IPA (7%; 4 sips)

    Squatters Hop Rising Double IPA (9%; 4 sips)


    But hanging with spdandpwr, one thing was noticeable, time was moving faster. :( Eventually we all move on to Cromwell, but we had a bit of a miscommunication and ended up breaking away from each other. To be fair, we needed to get to bed soon anyway. But I had to sit at the full pay unit first, and when a waitress immediately ask if we wanted a drink, I couldn't resist. Got a couple Lagunitas IPA (6.2%; 4 sips), and had these “not ugly” hits from “Not So Ugly Ducks” (99.73%) all within 20 minutes!




    So with these hits, I won back $70 in about 30 minutes. Needed that! Head back to Ballys in a great mood!


    Day 7, Mon. 9/12: Bye Bye Car. :( Never Walk Through the Caesars Shops. Traditional Last Full Day Comeback?

    Get up late since we (read: she) were up til 5 am last night. Need to return the Enterprise “weekend special”, but first we plan to eat Original Chicken Tender again while parking the car in the MC garage for less than an hour, hence...free! We decide to go to a gas station first next to Ellis Island. Well, little known to us...cash/debit only. Doh.

    Get to MC, park, eat and leave within an hour. Success! Now return the car. Fairly seamless. Felt bad for the guy that got into an accident with the rental this weekend. Fortunately, it sounded like it wasn't his fault.

    Got them to drop us off at Cosmo so we could put in some more pool time. Couple more pool pics




    Get back to Ballys and now we want to try the spa. Since it was a “clothing opitional” spa, genders are split. I was charging my cell in the room...oops. I tell her about 20 minutes total.

    I hold my end of the bargain, but M enjoyed herself more. After a post spa shower she took double the time. Whoops!

    Eventually we settle on Chipotle for dinner.





    Also some asshole threw a coffee cup out on Flamingo Road near the crosswalk and it shattered on the street and caused an eye hazard. Dick.


    I remembered this food porn. I suck.


    Then work our way north to V/P. But with my bartop check of Casino Royale, I see they offer Sculpin now...wtf??

    Get to Venetian, and M gets a waitress right away. She asked if I wanted a drink as well, but I said I would just play for one at a bartop. Bourbon Room closed, and the Bellini Bar had the dreaded “red/light green light system” But the sunken units need the lights in plain view for the bartenders to see. Takes about 4 max bet hands in the first minute to turn on, and then a hand per 10 seconds after that. The bartenders seemed not to care much though.

    Go to Palazzo to look for the old “The Price Is Right”, but nah the 2014 version instead. Also briefly played the Star Trek slot an got killed.

    Now we head to Mirage to get a frozen drink from Rhumbar for our new drink cup. Walk from V/P.



    Sorry again TI!!!



    Then M has the bright idea of walking through the Caesars shops while walking hurts her by this point. Took almost an hour at her pace. It didn't help that we took the wrong turn toward the Cheesecake Factory for the 2nd time in a row. Trudge through the shops and Caesars for 50th anniversary pics.








    Then move to Bellagio. View of fountains from shops.



    She plays some slots while I bartop check and get a couple of Sierra Nevadas. Felt like I needed to catch up with the loud, drunk women at the bar. Lol I hit some good hands and leave up $12 or so I thought.

    Still 7/5 Bonus (98.01%) on quarter spin poker at sportsbook.


    Now move to the back to the main CET side and eventually get back to TAG. Now the more serious gambling will begin. Most of my trips, the last full day has been a winner...will it continue?

    The broken people mover is no more!


    M sticks around for awhile, but it's my last full night in Vegas, I want to go longer obviously. My historical results back this reasoning up.

    Here is some of the beers I had. What spdandpwr had a lot of last night.

    Green Flash West Coast IPA (8.1%; 4 sips)


    Firestone Wookey Jack IPA (8.3%; 4.25 sips)


    Joseph James Citra Rye Pale Ale (5.4%; 4 sips)


    I had been looking for a natural quad for quite awhile at this point.

    Give me four 3s at that point!!


    M goes and calls it a night. Nice pic from the hotel hallway.


    Another beer, Coronado Orange Avenue Wit (5.2%; 4 sips)


    I'm on the same unit the lady hit the royal on Saturday night. I take a note of this pic because it's a dealt “quick quad”. Then Stan comes over and I ask him to tell me “when”.


    It worked!


    And then about 15 minutes later...



    And another Kook for last call at TAG!


    Having a good time overall now, started talking to a former prison guard from Cali. Interesting guy, and had a nice “disagree without being disagreeable” discussion about the upcoming election. Before you know it, time was marching on and Stan was getting off and closing TAG. Eventually walk over to Cataylst bar, was hoping that maybe the bartender would hook me up with a beer from TAG, but he said he couldn't (well, the bartender last trip did...lol). Anyway, I decide to go to Flamingo and instead of walking through the Linq promenade to connect to Flamingo. I walked on the Strip. Within ten seconds the most aggressive hooker I have ever encountered started talking to me, got in front of me, and began to rub her tits up against me. Being the nice person I am I started to answer some her questions, but thought I made it clear I wasn't interested. But she kept blocking my way and a sorta had to brush her aside to keep walking! And about 5 seconds later another one started talking to me. I yell “Fuck Off!” from a distance. I was pissed.

    I wasn't necessarily thinking of getting a beer at Bugsy's, I felt like I needed one after that. :-\ At least they have Sculpin now (7%; 4.25 sips). Fortunately it was a reasonably profitable choice.

    Not before another missed straight flush draw though!



    Play it down a bit, and then move on to the penny units to finish the beer. Nearby a hooker was playing nickel deuces, mostly one coining a 94.82% max game...ugh. She looked pissed about something, banging away at her machine and playing on her phone, otherwise I would have told her to max bet one line of my penny deuces game instead (97.00% with STP).

    With the beer done, move on to Cromwell to suck down some water. They unfortunately have installed those dreaded lights. Tried to squeeze out more info out of the bartender, but it was so new to him, he didn't know...he still had to go “take a class”. Four waters later, finally go back to Ballys. Uh oh...finally did it this trip. Sun's up!


    Sully's at 6:22am


    View from the hallway:




    Day 8, Tues. 9/13: Final Wrap Up. Aria Buffet Encore!

    Wake up, check out, and drop the bags at the bell desk since departure wasn't until 550 pm. We decided to hit the cosmo pool for a bit, and then burn up our express comps for the Aria buffet. But first we had to cash out a ticket from Bellagio!

    Pic from the people mover.


    Us high rollers had enough comps accrued over the last 12 months or so to get one Aria buffet “free” between us...woohoo...lol Buffet still pretty good for the 2nd time in a week. One of the few lunch buffets on the Strip where I feel like $26 isn't only just a rip-off...not a complete rip-off.

    Pic fail again. After the buffet I had to give one last stab at @BeeeJay memorial Row 802. I had some pretty good teases.


    The upteenth 4 to Straight Flush draw this trip (I didnt show them all). Why couldn't I find that 10 of clubs??


    I quickly earn about 6 points and the clock was ticking, so I cash my $20 into $17 and call it a “draw”. Get back to Bally's to wrap things up. But before we leave, get a message from SWA saying there is a 40 minute delay. Bah. Belly up to the bar to gamble for more water. Ballys made you get the light green before giving water! Sheesh!!! I did it because I hoped for a VP last stab, but I told M not to bother. She doesn't like betting max for long. But you had to play at the bar at Ballys. I saw the waitress take 30 minutes between orders while we were there! Yikes!

    And also took a penny stab. Guess what happened...Yep, another one.


    M got one quad at pennies and one at 2c.

    All this time we were scheming that if our flight was oversold we would stay one more day. But that was not meant to be. 40 open seats on our flight...but they were trying to sell them at $555 the whole time (we purchased at $119)...*shrug*.

    But McCarran may have went through a VP upgrade. 8/5 DDB for quarters...what???


    Being so empty, there were actually two front row seats on SWA. Since I'm 6'1” thought maybe I'd enjoy the extra room. But with no tray and the aisle seat slightly sticking out into the aisle made it not really worth it. It didn't help my neighbor was more invasive of my space than normal either. Oh well, won't make an effort for it next time.

    Very hard to believe that 7 nights wasn't enough! But we still weren't ready to leave! Hope to get back there sooner than later! And like many trips to Vegas for me it seems, I'm a “gamblers even”! It helps that all the natural quads were at quarters! Unfortunately, I did the best of everyone I think. :( But at least no one got a beating that makes them hesitate to come back!

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  9. sparkydog

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    Boy you covered a lot of real estate! Thanks for the great TR!
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  10. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    What's scary is I really wanted to cover even more real estate!

    Casinos I hoped to visit this trip but did not in order of relative disappointment. The top two are definitely craft beer related.

    M Resort
    Hard Rock
    El Cortez (I also hear they comp good draft beer dammit...lol)
    Various Casinos on the Fremont St. Experience
    Sam's Town
    Peppermill (for eating and a bartop check)

    But I guess that's what another trip is for I guess! ;)

    At least for the strip I did pretty well...
    I think the only casinos we didn't step into were (M missed MGM Grand). We have stepped into them all on some trip I think. Unless Westgate is officially on strip??

    Stratosphere...probably a one and done there for life. Full pay ultimate x at quarters though! lol
    SLS...not enough to keep the lady "entertained". Seems like a common problem with them.
    Encore...the Popeye statue was so convenient from the Wynn parking garage!
    TI...Love nickel 7/5 DSTP...Hate the drab decor and horrid drink service.
    Excalibur...no "Crazy Taxi" urges in the "Fun Dungeon" this trip.
    Tropicana...7 foot ceilings leading to the bathroom are creepy when you're 6'1".
    Mandalay Bay...So far south. They got rid of quarter "Loose Doose". Assholes.
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  11. Hoofy7

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    Great detailed report! I enjoyed reading Tring! My husband is not gonna enjoy the light and ticket system. I've never seen it before and we were in Vegas in March? We play a ton at Palazzo and he plays 25 cent bartop poker and has never waited for a drink? The bartender at Fusion we like actually makes me up specialty cocktails to try and sends him to bring them to me on the slot floor! I tip her very well as she has always remembered us and done this. Look for Wendy at the Fusion bar at palazzo next trip and see if you get your drinks faster! ;)
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  12. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Yeah the light thing is definitely a new thing for V/P. I got my drink immediately there, not sure if the bartenders even cared about the lights yet. It could have been brand new to them for all I know, and they are testing stuff.

    It only seems to take 4 hands in the first minute to turn the light green. As long as he plays faster than a snail's pace betting $1.25 per hand, he'll be okay.

    And I'm guessing they're more concerned that it's green when you want to order a drink. So if he hasn't played too much on one unit while drinking his drink, he could always move units for "better luck" ;). Play 4 hands within a minute and turn the light green again on a new machine for another drink. At least that is what I'd try to do to "beat the system". It's also possible that fusion won't have the system set up when you arrive. I didn't get a chance to check that bar.
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  13. VegasMonkey

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    CET - Diamond
    When you were saying you had a bunch of stuff to do, you weren't kidding!

    Looks like you never had a dull moment.

    I wish I liked beer more to try your recommendations. I love the scent of all these west coast IPAs, but they taste nothing like they smell.
    #13 VegasMonkey, Sep 26, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
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  14. Hoofy7

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    Agreed! I love beer, but it makes me feel too full. We had so many craft breweries where I come from in PA. I'd try flights of beers and some were incredibly potent! I liked the small glasses though. My high school days we would drink out of a keg in the woods in red solo cups and never cared about taste. But now it has to taste really good for me to be able to drink much of it.
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  15. Wanker751

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    Congrats on pulling those aces and man you get around! I wish I could do/take 7 days in Vegas, Damn kids! lol.

    Wonderful, thorough report as usual, thanks for sharing!

    Also LIR at NYNY, about where are those machines, I may check that out. I feel LIR is a slow bleed but I'd play it for $1.

    Getting M to go downtown is a win in my book!

    I promise you, I promise I will make it to Tag in Jan!

    Quad 6's I see... Good to know you play a machine with more than 2 in the deck!

    Good run on the Deuces and yeah I'd be pissed on a RF after I left the machine, sometimes it is okay to be irrational.
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  16. claired67

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    So what did you think of the Popeye statue? Worth the extra stop?

    I can't believe how many places you went to. Very enjoyable to read. Thanks for sharing.
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  17. Wanker751

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    It's neat. If you are in Wynn go see it and the flowers sculpture. I don't know if I'd go to thy Wynn just to see it though.
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  18. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    We definitely run around like chickens with heads cut off. Sorry we couldn't arrange something.

    Yeah, most of what I drink you're still going to get that beer like bite no matter how fruity it smells.

    Ummm, I am terribly unfamiliar with NYNY. This trip might be a record in terms of time there. I think it wasn't too far from high limit.

    If you have a car, it's definitely worth it. It's really close to the parking garage. And like wanker said, the flower display is nice too.

    I think it's a unique piece of work. I personally wanted to see because the rumor is he's going to ship it off to MA whenever that casino gets done. We mostly made the trip just for that.

    The walking dead was also staring me in the face there so I tried that for the first time as well there. That was a waste of money. What I should have done is seeked out @stevie d 's lucky machine at NYNY right after that VP misclick.

    Thanks for reading!
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  19. VegasMonkey

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    Yeah, we will meet next time. My tournament got cut short so I headed home instead of staying on the strip.
  20. Wanker751

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    I am gonna try to move around with mom more next trip so if I go to NYNY I think I will search this machine out. Thanks, one of those little nuggets I learn about from TR's.

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