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Unbelievable incompetency

Discussion in 'Club Grazie - Venetian/Palazzo' started by rycelover, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    You should. They can't get their systems straight. I love V/P and have not had similar problems, but there is a limit to how much time you should spend banging your head against the wall. With that play, you can find some other place you like as much.

    I don't have the patience or inclination to keep fixing someone else's mistakes unless there is no alternative. Screw up on me once and fix it, fine. Do it again, no comment, just goodbye.
  2. BillRider

    BillRider Bronze

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    Plaza, Boyd Gaming, D, Binions,
    Our experience is on a much much lower level than the OP's but it is the same basic "incompetent" staff problems. The wife & I have held Ruby cards with Boyds since 2005, we don't play that much but over the course of at least 4 weeks spent downtown every year since 05, we have certainly played. I play BJ at the Fremont, she plays slots there & we both play VP at MSS.
    I have never ever received a reply to any email we have sent enquiring about a future booking, forget about any comps. I rang once & the lady could not "trace" either of our cards, even when given the numbers. When we ask at the players desk our cards show zero or very little play & the ladies are not very accommodating, to say the least. In the Fremont they even demand our passports, as if we wander downtown with passports in our pockets? The pit bosses at the Fremont, with the exception of Karen "forget" to log your play & say you haven't played here before, etc etc.
    This must be a Company policy to deny play/time. They cannot all be forgetful? Or can they?
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  3. DRPinVa

    DRPinVa As always, inspired by MrsDRPinVa
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    @ReelHappy - you should definitely walk... Twice.. ouch. Don't let it happen a third time...

    My experience is sort of the opposite but certainly falls under the incompetence label... We were staying at Paris, MrsDRP wanted to do a little shopping in the Forum shops, so I decided to tag along and play some craps while she shopped.. I bought in for $200 at an early morning $10 table. I enjoyed my play there very much, the dealers were very nice, professional and helpful to some players who were new to the game. The table had a few hot streaks and I cashed out for $680ish after about 2 hours. I left with a very favorable impression of Caesars craps. Until I went to see a host at Paris the night before our early AM flight the next morning. When I asked about covering our food expenses, he sort of frowned, said he could take a little off - I asked if he couldn't do more than that, he frowned and said, "well it looks like you did pretty good already", I asked what he meant, and he showed me where I had won $5,600ish from Caesars the day before. Of course, I pled my case, but as all the prior notes of this thread, it was 'in the system'...In my case, I wasn't simply missing out on comps, I was possibly facing an actual tax burden. Another my word against theirs. Thankfully in this case, we didn't get any handpays that year (actually, we've not yet ever gotten a hand pay :confused:) and we were net losers, so no tax involvement, but... Could have been bad!!! One more valid reason to check your numbers before you leave the table....and no, I haven't played craps at Caesars since.
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  4. ReelHappy

    ReelHappy Bronze

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    I do want to head out there maybe in March and see if someone can give me an explanation why they downgraded my offers. I’m just interested where they screwed up and who’s responsible.
  5. BillRider

    BillRider Bronze

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    Plaza, Boyd Gaming, D, Binions,
    We will be in Vegas again April May next & have made a joint decision re comps & freebies.
    We are just going to ignore them & play what we want, where we want. We are going to play for fun not for comps. We are not going to think about how long we have played for or where, like we used to.
    We simply had more fun then & if we were comped anything on the next trip it was a great bonus.
    It's just my opinion but I see this nonsense of going sort of cap in hand to see a host on your last day a waste of time, as, after reading these posts, comps don't appear to be negotiable, so why am I wasting my vacation speaking with someone who really cannot change anything.
    Especially now comps are dealt out by bean counters & not casino professionals. The new word is "criteria" & if you don't meet it, that's it.

    Also these comps we care so much about. Are they that financially important?
    What percentage of your vacation budget is changed by a few free nights? Coming from Britain it has already cost us around £2000 or $2600 before we even land, with air fares, airport travel & parking, house/animal sitter, rental car in Vegas etc
    This is before what we will spend on the actual vacation.
    So why become so agitated about comp nights & ruin the trip? Especially now that most places are controlled by bean counters who understand very little about casinos or their patrons.
    Our only plan is to enjoy ourselves, all of us on here work hard enough for our trips, lets all enjoy & appreciate Las Vegas itself..
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  6. golfer

    golfer Silver
    Founding Fanatic

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    1) I ignore them now
    2) I play what I want, when I want
    3) I play for fun
    4) Screw sitting down for 4 hours at the baccarat table. If I play 3, so be it, if I play 5, so be it
    5) Like I used to
    6) I did have more fun then, and I am having more fun now doing exactly as you posted.

    I skipped the Super Bowl this year, and will probably be heading to Las Vegas in the next 2-4 weeks. I'm not taking comped rooms, and not using offers for free play and food. I will ask for back end comps, but I'm so over caring if I get treated fairly. The fact is, I can afford to go to Las Vegas and gamble, either with or without being comped. And I suspect, predicated on my play of course, someone will come running and chase me down before I leave. As it should be since I am the customer, not the entertainment provider. If they don't, oh well, I have options, and the power of the purse works wonders in my business, so eventually casinos and casino hosts will figure it out. Or not. Either way is fine.

    So much freedom in this BillRider, I suspect you are going to have a blast. I can't wait to hear how it works out for you.
  7. Royal Flusher

    Royal Flusher Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    Agree 99%.

    The 1% is, when you're ready to check out, if you find you have played a decent amount, I think it's worth it to check for back end comps. Partly depends on where you are staying though, like with my play at Wynn, no, I don't bother. But downtown or lower level strip properties or locals.... yeah. Ten minutes for free money, I'd be willing to make that investment.
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  8. beanie03

    beanie03 Silver
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Mlife Platinum
    Identity Platinum
    wow.. some BS. from your TR's i've followed, you play much, much higher than most of us. and should get more comps front and back end. wow. if it makes you feel any better, i did leverage mlife n identity plat status with them and got a decent offer. i literally just gave the room to a friend, played the freeplay and that was all she wrote.
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