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Up Front Comps and Play Expectations

Discussion in 'Comps - General Comp Discussion' started by GolfJohn, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. GolfJohn

    GolfJohn Bronze

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    Hey all I have a question regarding upfront comps and play expectations.

    A few months ago I had terrible luck staying at the Cromwell and got very little play for my money and a relatively large loss relative to my typical play. I'm 95% a slot player and 5% table.

    After that trip I was contacted by a host at Cromwell. I explain to them that I was disgruntled by the recent bad luck and previous trip bad luck and how I'm planning to stay at the cosmo on all future trips solely as I've had much better luck there and have really enjoyed my stays.

    The host at Cromwell offered me Up Front a nice room,decent amount of FreePlay / room charges for a future trip in addition to limo transportation.

    I am taking them up on the offer for a trip in the next few months but I am still undecided and how much I will play at CET.

    I definitely plan to give them decent play but if I get similar results to my last trip I may shift all my play to Cosmo even though I'm not staying there. I don't mind if I have bad luck at Cosmo since over the course of six or seven trips I've done fairly well.

    My question is say things do go very south and I still have terrible luck and only give them half of my typical play do I need to be concerned with them honoring the up front approved room charges and whatnot? Since this has been offered up front I I think it doesn't matter all that would happen is id hurt my future offers.

    Anyone see anything wrong with that logic?

    I know I'm overthinking this and I'm sure some of you will say to just stay at Cosmo but I'm willing to give CET another shot.

    Thanks for the feedback
  2. Goldenknight

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    If it's upfront you're good. Future offers will certainly be affected or even totally absent.
  3. dvandentop

    dvandentop Chairman
    Founding Fanatic

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    Is it Lenny? My friends have him as a host at Cromwell and love him he will take care of you I am sure
  4. Chuck

    Chuck Platinum
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    You squeezed a good deal out of them, good for you.
  5. JGurnak

    JGurnak Bronze

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    Total Rewards Diamond, Grazie Gold, Identity Gold, Red Card, MLife Gold
    As long as it’s up front, you’re good.

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