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US Open

Discussion in 'Sports Book' started by BeeeJay, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. BeeeJay

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    Well Fellow VFers good ole BeeeJay has done it again!

    Have a picked another first time winner in a major like with my Jordan Spieth bet in the 2015 Masters which I parlayed into 2 $1 royals and a $8,412 craps roll??? (thanks @alexanbo) ......

    or have a shat the bed like with basically every other sports bet I've ever made?

    Sadly,......its the latter.

    No sooner did I tell Hobbling Boy Hong that I wish I had bet $200 instead of $20 on Ryan Moore, then I checked the tee times and didn't see him. So I googled...



    Ryan Moore 'pulls out"........fuck me. I wish my father-in-law had "Pulled Out"

    Anywho......I guess I need to go schedule an extra trip back to Vegas to get the $20 refund on my 80-1 bet on Ryan Moore (who wasn't gonna even reach half the fairways anyway).....

    Comments???? Do I lose this bet ala DJ at Augusta???

    And don't even ask me which sports book i made the bet at.....or where the ticket is now.....I have a better chance of finding Alexanbo's penis is a haystack.

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