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V/P Offers - Two Trips in Six Weeks!

Discussion in 'Comps - General Comp Discussion' started by dadelman35, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. dadelman35

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    Hi everyone! First time poster, long time lurker and happy to be here! I'm a big Vegas fan and have frequented Sin City at least once a year for the last five years, if not more frequently. I also spent a fair amount of time in Vegas while growing up, and have always felt at home when I was there.

    Anyways, in 2019 I have two trips planned to Vegas - four days in March and four days in May. My fiance and I are coming out with her family to celebrate her brother's 21st birthday in March and I'm bringing a group of friends to Vegas in May for my bachelor party. While my fiance and I have visited Vegas, we have typically stayed at The Palazzo, and we were looking to stay there again for these upcoming trips.

    While I love to play, I typically play craps and play $25 PL, along with inside the line bets. I've never qualified or earned full offers or free rooms, which is fair because I'm not playing enough and I own it, I've at least been presented with a low rate offer ($99/weeknight, $150/weekend) to entice me to come back. However, for the last year or so I haven't received anything like that, even after being there for five days earlier this year.

    What I'm getting to is a question or help with suggestions - would anyone have any ideas or thoughts to help get offers from V/P or any other similar property on the strip that could accommodate us for our upcoming trips? Not necessarily looking for comp'd rooms, but a lower rate than what is advertised would certainly be swell. I tried reaching out to a host at V/P, who referred me to guest services because my play didn't qualify for a host there ($200/hand minimum for 12-18 hours per trip).

    Any help that you guys can provide would be great! I love V/P and really want to stay there again, but would consider other properties if anyone has a good connection or recommendation.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you like slots or video poker at all? If you mix in a couple of hours a day in those areas your going to get offers.
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