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Vegas Thanksgiving 2015 - CPT's Chase to CET Platinum

Discussion in 'Full Las Vegas Trip Reports' started by CPT, Mar 4, 2016.

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    I've been making Vegas Thanksgiving my new thing, after doing Atlantic City for several years. Vegas is better!
    Here is my tale as I finished the few points to earn CET Platinum status. (Which gets you not much, but I like a challenge!)

    So I left work and headed to Baltimore. Hit some crazy traffic north of Baltimore and then Siri said she could save me 10 minutes with an alternate route. Right through downtown during rush hour. Yeah, that didn't pan out!

    View attachment 6929d42ff015fc62d9a6565187ee4bbd.jpg

    View attachment 172e49244ac72b69710e092bfb3ed7c0.jpg

    Luckily between Siri and my Subaru navi, we made it back on I95. Finally arrived at the Springhill Suites I scored for $47 on Priceline. It was just renovated, I liked it.

    View attachment 067b780fcccdd95c177cdbf4038f1199.jpg

    View attachment f28dab754e3302d4a412296161e75698.jpg

    View attachment 3fe411b8d97f7da6898fa9fdcfb8b7d8.jpg

    View attachment 7bcdb873be406887f7059eb4ba2f5e3e.jpg

    It's plastic, don't be fooled.

    Probably made it in the news guys shot!

    View attachment fa8b330715f5d32b579c66e31cfd7044.jpg

    I had breakfast from the Asian place, really good Asian eggs. A first for me!

    View attachment c2d3eaa1b1e4da2addf9d4a020354f05.jpg

    After fighting some more with tech support, I started to battle the database errors in my email. Make it stop!

    View attachment 7345d39b12f8e1b67cc02254d2e2d38f.jpg

    View attachment 5b193c3d652873c60f9d8f4e74444e02.jpg

    All aboard!

    The Wifi worked till we took off and the it died. They reset the connection and it still didn't work. I will be requesting a refund on that. Luckily Live TV still worked, Lets Make a Deal anyone? But why would the WiFi work? Considering my track record lately haha

    I got to watch Lets Make a Deal and Price is Right, killed two hours!

    View attachment EFB14A44-25C1-416D-B1AF-C3CA42229D0E_zpsisase5fy.jpg

    View attachment 8D9E2726-449C-4247-B264-2D31CC7556F9_zpscnxmcdaw.jpg

    View attachment 1E9A5F28-3DD1-4F3C-BE57-AB0BCA64E5FA_zpsk22f3ys3.jpg

    View attachment C7376268-B720-43DA-BAC8-81B8802D286B_zpsg0oxf6sk.jpg

    Viva Las Vegas!

    View attachment A6C27228-E8B9-488F-AECC-A5FE930F672A_zpsjoq1cp6b.jpg

    The bird is down.
    To the empty taxi line and went and was in a cab in no time on the way to the Venetian, my first two nights abode.

    "First time to Vegas?" said the taxi driver.
    "Nope, been here many times"
    "Oh ok"
    "You in a hurry?"
    "No, stay off the highway please."
    "No Highway"

    He really tried hard to get my permission to long haul me.
    "You wanna stop at a liquor store?"
    "No I'm good"
    "Hey man liquor prices are really expensive on the strip you know"
    "Yes I know, to the Venetian please"

    Silence for the rest of the ride. Gave him $23 and I have arrived!
    Now I got the Venetian for $85 a night on Priceline, so I expected to be put where they put the Priceline peasants.
    She was all friendly and stuff, attempted to upsell me to a view room, but I've seen the strip enough. After you've stayed at the Cosmo, you can't beat it. The guy beside her was trying to scare the old lady telling her she could be looking at a dumpster and what not. And it was a $45 night upsell, hell naw! Gimme my room thanks.
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    Up to the 5th floor, short elevator ride..haha

    View attachment 7ADC44E0-9B6F-4834-97C0-11E26A299385_zpswsv809za.jpg

    Welcome to my "Suite"

    View attachment D406FB1D-4686-473E-8719-45896292F00B_zpsi6jxskmu.jpg

    View attachment 6744CD49-6BED-4465-8E74-96AE796A8A9E_zpsy42u0gfh.jpg

    View attachment 4FE4D9FB-A164-4179-9F6B-7C664C455052_zpswhtujpzs.jpg

    View attachment B662AC60-037C-4064-AF54-6DAED66799B8_zpsl2jmfub5.jpg

    View attachment C7F569A0-DF7B-400E-8A78-920E1FD30E17_zps8vgsqrna.jpg

    View attachment 6AD0040F-4D2A-41AD-A9F0-53BB8DD02078_zpsug0yqkla.jpg

    I had a view of the patio suites below. Nobody was ever out there my whole trip. Was hoping for some nude voyeurism or something!

    View attachment 3A1BCDB6-9FAE-4FF0-89F0-09CC3CBBA39E_zpsp0et7gqn.jpg

    View attachment 1DE91E13-2C3E-4FB5-9A9B-9D25DEFA9BFA_zpsmot3snmn.jpg

    I met up with Diana (Evoni) who was nice enough to let me into the Gold Lounge for a snack. Her and her mom were going to get more Grazie gift points before going shopping. I felt very special!

    Some snacks

    View attachment 775E978B-B771-4196-B386-7ED3FDCC4483_zpsptwhrx5d.jpg

    A delicious mudslide.

    View attachment 0EDFF03A-528F-4B0D-986E-21D82B61C353_zpsauav1nli.jpg

    It made me near sh*tfaced. I hoveled over to the door and took some waters to go. Gotta get back on the machines!

    View attachment D8C5849C-74D7-4910-9DB7-8A675651D06C_zpse7c2yo6d.jpg

    View attachment 3E7A425A-5B98-4B32-BA6B-F6240354EC21_zpsyttv4neb.jpg

    View attachment 6D9C9097-B1AD-4F48-BF87-F4BE2C42ADB7_zpsijen6cbh.jpg

    BUFFALO! X27 Win, on $.60!

    View attachment 31791532-22C2-4000-AA62-CF6BC055AC19_zps5gxbv5nh.jpg

    View attachment 5BFAF7CE-58B3-4724-A427-D068B3ECC3AF_zpsgl3j42zp.jpg

    Then I went on a terror.

    View attachment E7363F90-C586-47A6-AC2E-7F2CD0DF57FB_zpsagjpmlyz.jpg

    Big ass symbols

    View attachment F34DB509-7224-49B6-BFF5-65BC4EDF347D_zpst93dbu6f.jpg

    Well that was fun!

    Some feud while getting ready for dinner...

    View attachment B9AAA80C-0A0E-4ED8-B539-6C9B845969D2_zpsfcvoissg.jpg

    View attachment C0D982ED-FCA9-4C93-8980-91F21B209398_zpskm2uhtm6.jpg
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    I was meeting Evoni & Family & Gwen (YourStarla) at Table 10 for the Emeril's Taste of Table 4 course special.

    View attachment 7EAEC5AE-428C-4926-95C1-D09664797209_zpslrvwww15.jpg

    View attachment D893A08B-F87C-4100-9465-A913B012E6A3_zpsaunlefoy.jpg

    I had some type of lemonade, had more booze in it, was very tasty!

    View attachment 08E0D724-9A44-457E-A786-59C866B33327_zpsjrxjgh25.jpg

    A rabbit pot pie? I know it had rabbit in it, was kinda tasty.

    View attachment D304A61F-2DFC-4B8F-836F-85CB8D10E99D_zpssxnaegux.jpg

    Pumpkin Soup, was delicious!

    View attachment 8363B410-8417-46F1-B439-90F2EC69A100_zpsuswyfue2.jpg

    The Bacon

    View attachment 70D37760-D157-4364-9AF2-CBCE43F0535C_zpsnljhhvj2.jpg

    Braised Short Ribs..Mmmm

    View attachment 20A23572-57CE-44BA-8753-D9FCEB4438E8_zpshxqjheav.jpg

    Carrot Cake

    View attachment 3E9DC715-4641-4701-B08B-A7A8A5ED27B3_zpszhqbpoml.jpg

    For $48, this was a heck of a deal. It was very tasty and enjoyed the company and conversation as always! Thanks for the invite Diana! :)

    View attachment 0AC74FA3-D99B-4963-8D13-02E3D20E9DDF_zpsefuegh41.jpg

    Diana scored Improv tickets at Harrah's, so I went with her son Matt. The Menopause crowd was just exiting as we got there. Played a bit at Harrah's, didn't do too much.

    Look at them beverages!

    View attachment 0C83E80C-05DD-479F-9C74-FC84A2ECC892_zpsoop5kblo.jpg

    Yeah we passed..haha The show was good, about an hour long with the decent comedians. About what I've seen at the Borgata comedian club in AC. We were back to Venetian around 10pm. I think I played a 20 in Buffalo and decided to call it a night.

    I'm in the elevator lobby, bout 10pm, and there it was. The older semi fat guy with a looker in hooker boots rubbing him down. I had the opportunity to get in the elevator with them, but left them have their own car. HHH

    It didn't take me long until I was clonked out. Them Venetian beds are hella comfortable!

    Set my alarm for 5am. This guy has to be to Planet Hollywood by 6am for the start of the gaming day.

    The alarm was buzzing at 4:45am, I slept to my alarm, in Vegas! That doesn't happen the 1st day usually. I had the black out shades down, so it was total peace in there. Aww love those beds. Threw on some clothes and made myself look respectable and off I went down Las Vegas BLVD towards Planet Hollywood where I would be taking on the challenge of 1,000 Tier Points in a 24 hour period. The gaming day starts at 6am.

    View attachment 93D2AC6F-1AA5-44D1-9A20-7D3E971EA92F_zpshv7ig1au.jpg

    View attachment A47D352E-B5C1-4774-97EC-5B0C7C384D1C_zpsrzqe9p9t.jpg

    The New CVS by Ballys, it's so beautiful!

    View attachment F13E8C17-FBF1-4A1F-A164-1377D3E64743_zps4ssj5jq0.jpg

    Just me, the homeless, and European tourists out here. LV BLVD was dead!
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    View attachment DE0FA42A-2BE9-4398-9D64-7651FF90AB99_zpsh2vqzmmg.jpg

    Happy Thanksgiving BTW!

    And I made it to PHO around 5:45am!

    View attachment D4EDC740-7FDC-4712-B2EF-A6E9663EF0A9_zpse35jrhq9.jpg

    First stop, some breakfast..

    View attachment 62B85C84-A3FB-4842-975A-C0F180820493_zps5szyre6j.jpg

    View attachment 94E01F87-D377-41F6-836C-B2CF5DE4A5D5_zpshrxe3hjt.jpg

    He told me I had no reward credits, which was a lie. No time to argue, paid and shoveled it in my mouth.
    I gotta get going!

    View attachment A5E19479-412B-4D4D-977C-6E8AEEF6D3C9_zpseqcuqjcy.jpg

    View attachment 5AB7E0DB-2273-43DA-9F25-59EE1CD77493_zpsf4agsgs0.jpg

    View attachment 7C1AAA09-55C1-422F-9585-032CBA102208_zpstthklxmw.jpg


    View attachment E33195D1-5944-43E7-B3A0-FFED8D519D2B_zpsdpisfhwh.jpg

    View attachment B9846C13-414D-4202-9F5D-D24C19E9C0DA_zpsrqmkxkhr.jpg

    View attachment B89C3E36-DD49-490C-94FC-F59C5CEAC634_zpsyffwl9fh.jpg

    View attachment FE1EC928-FCB2-4FDA-B06F-E6A1BCB9BAD9_zpsxxfxo1dm.jpg

    View attachment 3A8BE271-437D-4948-82FF-27B436008F14_zps7xrmfg0k.jpg

    I probably blew through $300 on the 1st machines I played. And then, I found my beloved Cash Spin, where reward credits can be earned very very cheap. Lets see if it's in a giving mood today?!

    View attachment FC98425A-5AAF-4CB0-AE06-8BB41EDE26B3_zpsgies8ib6.jpg

    View attachment CB3B68CE-3A5F-4ED4-AB49-74C412DF9756_zpsdmwdbhdd.jpg

    View attachment 0B3013AE-F7BF-412B-851C-70F293416D38_zpshlf35emb.jpg

    View attachment 0501D87C-D8E8-44D4-AE18-B370BB170148_zpsnbvpb8rd.jpg

    View attachment 87075739-C428-4157-A6D6-5DA6568B34FE_zps00kjcqdl.jpg

    View attachment BC3A8F29-BAEF-430C-A122-96AC71DE3C16_zpsb0c61trm.jpg

    Yeah we are gonna play this awhile!

    View attachment BCB2B70C-8DD2-4252-BC1F-A64FB4E04850_zpssrrfx637.jpg
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    View attachment 8E5CB0BC-314A-42E4-8D7C-0297725AFABD_zps3kdnugct.jpg

    View attachment 5F47A28D-5861-461E-9C57-5E861F00AB12_zpsdghuabfv.jpg

    Everyday I'm shuffling

    View attachment C21E0EA9-215C-4628-B141-55CCDD7AE459_zpsllivvchd.jpg

    Halfway there! $600 in the hole. Halftime. Back to the Venetian to regroup!

    View attachment 60E0633B-4AE6-4A92-98DC-A6AD8E1337C8_zpspjj3exyq.jpg

    Back at the Venetian I was hungry after all that work, so I stopped at the food court at the pizza place which was serving breakfast still. It was pretty good!

    View attachment 2A5AEE65-97AD-495F-8AE6-5BCE9608B706_zpszkmrwf0a.jpg

    So my break didn't last long, I was very anxious to see if I could pull this off. Yikes!

    View attachment CD0B21FC-586C-4C1E-911C-373650EBF087_zpstok8bx1o.jpg

    Back to the grind. This machine just let you churn points. I knew I wasn't going to get rich, but I was getting points!

    View attachment 3D737B30-8EE0-4589-82E4-20D9B0C3F77F_zps2ivqsjbn.jpg

    View attachment 4F400D38-C895-4048-B015-3311677227B2_zpszqhkzzjq.jpg

    View attachment 942EA8D1-9924-4BBA-AF43-23D0722EAF08_zps6iubbjee.jpg

    Another 100 in

    View attachment E4A4CA33-F02F-4873-89EE-77D2EFC59AA3_zps2gumoueu.jpg

    View attachment A16D711B-F1BE-40A8-88FD-6228A0A73D7E_zpssuu5hqv3.jpg

    The CW kept me drinking, Bloody Marys and mudslides and Cokes

    View attachment FE821020-D96F-4A87-B888-FA44A24C35DD_zpsdten48tq.jpg

    View attachment 45204F4B-0DFA-430A-9D36-3E55C09F4902_zps5m4ex1cx.jpg

    View attachment 188B585B-B603-4F50-B963-2E33734D193D_zpss2kqvsmi.jpg

    View attachment A02F2B07-5A71-4546-9D43-F4927BCFDE98_zpsto6eofjr.jpg

    View attachment D1031205-26D7-4B36-9EF9-AB93385B0F1E_zps2r1bdfrj.jpg
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    Right now you are like, OMG didn't he play anything else? No I was scared.

    View attachment AD4ED100-EDC0-40E1-9C3C-626D1EF23EE1_zpsy6zhotzq.jpg

    This was the point were I earned 200 points with the same $100 bill, it was madness! $1000 coin in, nice.

    View attachment 55E8FEB4-D8B6-4E39-AEEC-E608493F47F8_zpszslkmizr.jpg

    View attachment 951F9EA7-9AEA-4595-B349-129AFCBC5377_zps8need1tq.jpg

    View attachment 7132572C-F1CD-4AC4-8824-6812D87C6F68_zps15dgojuf.jpg

    It's Britney, b*tch. And a white Russian

    View attachment FAF6D200-3D9B-411A-A213-6C70DC1A5384_zps4izbjcsm.jpg

    800 Tier Credits

    View attachment 51CF5DF3-D8AF-4194-8DCB-791F060272B2_zpsytndv18y.jpg

    View attachment 53A94A94-DE10-4C74-BFD3-807618229160_zpsectylxtf.jpg

    Keep on churning!

    View attachment 0E32E107-CC63-489F-9D6C-4494A9ADF0BB_zpsy2yegszr.jpg

    View attachment 5B99EDAB-133D-4A57-BF51-F072B02207C5_zpsc76ojdob.jpg

    It's getting real up in here folks

    View attachment CDC0DBC6-FB8F-4FAF-90F7-BA034766E34D_zpstz0j8yss.jpg

    View attachment BD033976-64F6-4F38-9BF1-05364D39D8B5_zpsuzqj5szj.jpg

    I moved to Buffalo to finish out the last 50 credits..eeek money is getting tight!

    View attachment C2817AFA-9AFA-49C3-87E5-6224B48BF801_zpsrdft5fiq.jpg

    View attachment 9F832F4B-1E0C-4F1B-998A-4440DA197B1A_zpssux4gsjl.jpg


    View attachment 3D406A09-C847-4802-813A-5721CBD53087_zpsqym1suxs.jpg

    Hallelujah! I did it! 8 hours later!

    No joke, and I wish I was lying, this is all I had left of my $1,000 at the end..

    View attachment DE51231B-EBB8-416E-B75A-2690BD1F044A_zpselnrhplo.jpg

    BUT I did it in the allotted money, couldn't believe it! I cashed it out, went to the TR desk to confirm I did the 1,000 points. She gave me a high five and told me to come back tomorrow as the bonus should post overnight and I could get my Platinum cards. MISSION COMPLETED!

    Out of money, but the day is still young! On my way back I finally caved and entered Casino Royale for their player payback promotion. You have to wait in the front desk line, which is also the players club, but finally a woman with an iPad came around and get me my card. Lose $20, they give you $20. Alright I'm game. And they have a big Wheel of Fortune!

    Lost my $20. Got the $20 free play.

    Then that happened..

    View attachment 1779F0D8-35DC-4509-AA41-BB06DFE6617E_zpsoxefhylv.jpg

    View attachment 4F040E2F-C41C-47D4-93BA-11BEED1EC5A4_zpshvxl7bde.jpg

    Hells yeah Kenny is back in the game!


    View attachment 7E5B5A5E-74DA-46AD-A3A7-C4A3ABA93E11_zpsxciml4lf.jpg
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    Some Thanksgiving parade at 3pm anyone??

    View attachment 3445CDDC-3CA3-4403-9279-FE7A2B766535_zpsogluseum.jpg

    Nobody out there..

    View attachment 7F5D6CE7-D8C8-4AEF-9EB3-77D5FDF7EE4B_zpsohiaruxl.jpg

    I got ready for dinner and went down to the casino to play for a bit.

    View attachment D86B7FDD-4095-4AD3-85F9-094F918A1F94_zpssmek8tmy.jpg

    View attachment 5609356F-1EC3-4213-9178-A59EB3413980_zpsxmrnfslt.jpg

    Mmmm mudslide, frozen, very good!

    View attachment 93FB1FBF-92C2-4D83-A5FE-14B355F39059_zps8jzgcfvw.jpg

    View attachment 84121178-8EC9-49AC-AE4E-2F3829D9E19A_zps1dyreb5x.jpg

    I played Amazon fishing with Diana and her family for a bit, I did pretty good on it. We met with Gwen and then all shared cabs to Bellagio for our Thanksgiving dinner at Michael Mina. Boots and her family were joining us also!

    View attachment B85F2955-1AC0-4A77-BBC1-F3245256DBDD_zps6iwzezy6.jpg

    View attachment 21EA39F1-9F92-438C-AFCB-904C929DE8AF_zpspzwver0e.jpg

    View attachment C7FDE1DE-6F8A-4721-99C3-044B0E0838B4_zpse8vxntgl.jpg

    View attachment 942B2DD9-6225-4165-8855-8DA72F8FF2B7_zpsxflujdxu.jpg

    View attachment 11C73613-0AF6-4B67-8155-9981D9486D7B_zpsev4khw18.jpg

    Butternut Squash Soup

    View attachment C8F6CE3D-EF16-4B02-B915-8FAA64840B7C_zpssctn27jg.jpg

    Lobster Pot Pie

    View attachment 6C2893A7-BC6A-4B42-B3E2-307C317870AD_zpsbapxfvgn.jpg

    The wall painting we were admiring..

    View attachment B4E70A81-C1B8-49DB-A3F9-6618338B92EF_zpsuzwt3cjl.jpg

    The Wagyu...Mmmm

    View attachment 325CDDEC-481F-4F23-9890-466F156EF208_zps6bmmqes6.jpg

    Root Beer Float and Cookies!

    View attachment B2D43695-2862-4117-8A7D-2FDDC1D0B85A_zpsuimtz6ae.jpg

    It was a great meal and totally worth the price. It's pricey, but hey you only go around this world once!
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    View attachment F6C44878-13BA-4561-A840-AEFA60309F5D_zps9c0ogapo.jpg

    After we met up with Kim briefly to say Hey!

    View attachment C0304836-C4B3-41F4-93EF-7A81E92AA1D2_zpsdas43wsc.jpg

    I would be hanging out with her most of the day on Friday.

    Watching the news while I brush my teeth. What a luxury!

    View attachment F3019022-D616-4035-96CF-01431ABC07F4_zpsmsgoydu9.jpg

    Good Night.

    View attachment 5BAB5206-2D90-4C5B-ACB1-87770523DA7B_zpslcwx806u.jpg

    View attachment 93B44803-FCD0-4504-BDAF-25BE4782DF53_zpsznlbjz7w.jpg

    Good Morning Venetian!
    Slept until my alarm again, did I mention how much I loved that bed and room?

    I had a hunger going on and have always wanted to dine at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. Perfect morning to do so! But do I want to walk? No I'm taking a cab.

    View attachment 3AC14B70-03B8-46F6-A931-6B93782F8155_zpsa63sdlpv.jpg

    View attachment 9889402C-E17A-4D76-8E9D-BAD8DD281CA2_zpsdml2xh71.jpg

    View attachment 4E269AD5-595A-4158-ACA7-92A3DFDC0FF8_zpsdw2agcre.jpg

    A little nippy on the patio, but such an awesome place to dine and people watch!

    Mimosa and Coffee

    View attachment 823A5C0A-1C2B-45FD-AB99-895161DF0D3E_zpscnuyplfh.jpg

    Quiche Lorraine
    View attachment 12307457_10153242655362469_8749493045114367942_o.jpg

    View attachment 994C6CE4-A484-4446-9451-ADBCAC0D55FC_zpswom0ndgj.jpg

    It was very good and I'd like to go back for lunch or dinner next time!

    Before heading back to Venetian to check out, I wanted to stop at TI to play their Buffalo as I usually have luck on them. So I huffed it back down there. Ended up taking the Wynn crossover to fashion show mall and over that way. It was chilly, I had my hood up! Ears we cold

    View attachment C0DE0FFA-04F8-46A5-812B-FCA1F9B1C2FD_zpsrntlvboa.jpg

    It did not take long at all!

    View attachment 4D2DD1D4-7201-4FBF-AC3D-3831115BCE5F_zpspkqjtxz2.jpg

    $20 in and out!

    View attachment E0B5F91B-993A-4F5E-A987-B41DB6D2DB97_zpsghzvaktq.jpg

    Back to check out of my humble abode

    View attachment DDEE6931-7954-4D92-8BE5-127BB27D3369_zpsz9jah6is.jpg
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    View attachment E754EDBA-98E7-4373-80C0-9BAC7D15F904_zpspbw6tc6b.jpg

    I walked it down to Cromwell where I would be staying for the last night. Easy walk. Not many in the casino and nobody at the front desk.

    "Why yes sir, we do have a room available."
    "Here are your keys, a wine reception will be held for guests at 5pm-6pm, hope you can join us"
    "I'll try!"

    Elevator Lobby

    View attachment E639E31D-D57F-44D5-81CB-80507C038C38_zpsvlw6kfne.jpg

    View attachment 33602C45-8E75-4814-915D-003158FD35D3_zpscvqflzhn.jpg

    View attachment B6FAAC42-96CE-4C39-9EF5-0FD6D3433E80_zpsyjb2rssp.jpg

    View attachment 61BF6E73-FF9D-417A-BBF1-16F7F29CA4E2_zpsziibq2qj.jpg

    View attachment C34C3879-8B98-4A60-AF3B-4986406A85F7_zpsyceurzqv.jpg

    Backgammon anyone?

    View attachment 68D21857-2D19-480B-9B96-35235ADDBD0F_zps8lcnoatv.jpg

    View attachment 6D046EE0-8697-4238-B9E4-7B3E2595A501_zpspdtiyvxh.jpg

    View attachment 16A17A0A-7125-459E-9838-36DBF25A4608_zpsl3pzemkq.jpg

    View attachment 98D6D6CC-9042-4414-9375-8C33AF9EDAB9_zpsindgkvy7.jpg

    The Clubbin Gear

    View attachment 93E0B2BF-8BC9-48DA-886C-E97E34250FC0_zpsiqdf2qat.jpg

    View attachment 8FB83942-38E0-40CB-BAB1-CB642560BEBB_zpsveoqm1cu.jpg

    Bathrobes, fancy!

    View attachment 5023D72D-18ED-4386-8259-DEAE944BFC46_zpsiq37hie5.jpg

    Platinum Yo!

    View attachment Plat%20copy_zpsoksojmnu.jpg

    She also gave me $5 in FP just cuz! Woohoo!
    2X Multiplier today, so I did play at Cromwell for a bit.

    View attachment E2DEDFBD-8093-4778-8D68-896C8BA95B88_zpskwtpkzew.jpg

    View attachment 3E266FE7-104A-41C0-97F2-347D110F22C4_zpsc1j9tza2.jpg

    View attachment 737116D1-2C68-4E82-A4CC-05D8EF34F086_zpsy0mdckxj.jpg

    The pot never closed!
  10. CPT

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    View attachment AB573A06-BBF7-4712-A880-1EAA6780CC70_zpsy9r1zcnr.jpg

    View attachment 198B397B-30E6-435B-A333-BF8F7C52BAAE_zpswkvmhftr.jpg

    Was fun, gave me some play. It was time to walk over to Bellagio to meet up with Kim and start our day of drinkings & gamblings!

    We settled on Olives for lunch. This was some type of Pumpkin drink. It was very good!~

    View attachment 075D4BAC-CFEA-48C6-AC98-8B0CB1A9C3C9_zpskup90b3g.jpg

    The yummy olives

    View attachment 5013F426-89AE-46F1-A79F-CD733A1DFEB2_zpsk7ll9nl5.jpg

    We both had burgers, mmmm

    View attachment 008F0569-8002-4E8F-9F87-9B0C5250061C_zpsytolcds7.jpg

    After lunch she had to take me to Lago for this tasty Mojito she said I had to try!

    View attachment 12D73B53-563D-472A-964A-CB2EB4F2F797_zpsdi44amee.jpg

    View attachment 5507B3CB-492C-46C7-8EAE-78D5071A4339_zpsjr7xxd1i.jpg

    Oh yah it was good!

    View attachment 5B8656DD-ACDF-493A-B2D1-62DE5B8980FD_zpsoiptdxoq.jpg

    Then we hit up the VIP lounge for some beverages for our ride to Aria

    View attachment 3D165539-E4EE-401C-904C-1E8699CD2E21_zpsa8ggnrcw.jpg

    View attachment BE7DF4A2-D11F-4294-B033-6AF5078E0370_zpsxtdvrd02.jpg

    Hit this while I waited for Kim..HHH

    View attachment C62A49E0-2DC3-4515-A4CF-D328BD72F228_zpslbe0dbjv.jpg

    Kim and I played these babies for awhile where she was on a roll!

    View attachment F24ADB2D-FEC6-4572-8147-07A16825F2C4_zpsa3hfnozm.jpg

    My pot closed!

    View attachment FA56509B-DF0E-46FA-9683-52DFB5E0AA81_zpsfg5vrv2k.jpg

    White Russian anyone?

    View attachment EB1D74F7-6815-451F-80D1-BB9FF5568AD4_zpshcu4rsyc.jpg

    Kim's again

    View attachment E0276746-DFC8-4210-8441-25BCAAD41FD9_zpspfbi8mgz.jpg

    I was having some luck too!

    View attachment 1E6BFB38-44CC-4244-A620-899F3618D37B_zpscwbnan6s.jpg

    View attachment D464093F-ADF2-43FC-900B-D28989EBA805_zpsku7ojocs.jpg

    View attachment B0C48C44-39D8-4FC0-B828-1D5162A8A310_zpssq0pw5gi.jpg

    View attachment 44FA0E1A-5D76-42E3-B28D-48343C749995_zpsr1lvawfx.jpg

    Hasn't yet!
  11. CPT

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    View attachment 5347979A-F044-4781-92FC-46C03C3434D9_zps6ctz05xo.jpg

    Our buzz was going away, so we stopped at Lobby bar for another round!

    View attachment 2CB0E737-2574-48C8-8FA1-E621E1A020FF_zpsr8d7juft.jpg

    OMG and the snacks were so tasty or it was because I was trashed, IDK!

    View attachment 216FEA20-29E8-4FBC-8DD9-C9AB0AE69468_zps51arsknc.jpg

    Merry Christmas!

    View attachment 0F5B930A-D75A-45CA-B9B1-E9A0DDE5A968_zpsy78zgh07.jpg

    Stuck in the red room waiting for the choo choo!

    View attachment 9B012CD8-CC90-4445-BE70-F1F5991C4D1F_zpssufj67fe.jpg

    I walked back to Cromwell to charge up and try out the shower.

    View attachment AF6DA231-0B98-4140-B4B0-F8810745E878_zpsvttopjci.jpg

    Shower was nice with the shower head, but I could have used some grab bars as I was still feeling good almost fell on my butt!

    Back to the Bellagio!

    View attachment EA8F6B9D-4AB8-4AED-B523-49BC0C7F51CA_zpsvjsgkt2v.jpg

    Ooo Fountains

    View attachment 91718791-DE1A-4715-A132-A497C73CF6D5_zpsnpjk1pma.jpg

    You would have thought I'd be sick of this game, but why not!

    View attachment DA044D64-7A10-44C3-B1DF-1699AD8E246E_zpsarr4uxpe.jpg

    View attachment 44868906-ED77-424B-A11D-34DCE84C2B38_zpscsn9q0wl.jpg

    View attachment F54537D3-B6F1-4D30-9210-7D6BDD8D83E1_zpsp6cuyfg6.jpg

    View attachment 02918E1D-5E6A-4835-9B28-8FEE4D1C9ADC_zpshlsa3efk.jpg

    A hell of a Kenny Buffalo bonus! Take that all ya all reels haters! Haha

    We took the choo choo back to Aria where we settled on Thai at Lemongrass. Had a tasty watermelon cucumber drink to start..

    View attachment D4458115-ACCF-424C-A20D-B67CACA1A587_zpsyask5irn.jpg

    View attachment 78708801-39D5-4B3E-AC28-3C49B3660015_zpso1teccxm.jpg


    View attachment 1D976CDB-99AF-4762-B32D-4926957C7FE5_zpsq8teaobs.jpg

    The spicy cucumbers were..spicy, but oh so good!

    I had the pepper shrimp

    View attachment 20F9C8D4-F536-4C0F-AE82-71CA568FBA1F_zpsglwkyrcp.jpg
  12. CPT

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    Kim ordered this banana dish for dessert, it was yummy and I'm not much into bananas.

    View attachment 7D689344-5AE4-4B32-A154-C8B361DA47E2_zpsjvazwkhm.jpg

    We played a little after dinner until it went downhill.

    View attachment FCBA9EDE-57BF-4A89-95A1-3C8A7E8CAB65_zpsgyzuie8o.jpg

    View attachment C1725625-208E-495B-8799-79C84D99787A_zpsgh4gvdcw.jpg

    I made a decent comeback on this day, pulled in an extra $250 to take home!

    Took the choo choo back to Bellagio where Kim and I parted ways. Such a fun day, thanks again Kim! Hope we can do it again!

    Busy Night on the Strip!

    View attachment DB2EE9EC-A09C-4B99-AE44-33361B73FCE9_zpsyhi1rf3b.jpg

    The price list for the foo foo club products..

    View attachment E00B2222-0594-48C9-9157-04AE6F6BF893_zpspjbzmakw.jpg

    It was only like 10pm, but I decided to call it a night. The Cromwell beds were very very comfortable as well. I was hoping to be asleep before Drai's started up and indeed I was. I slept through the night and the sound wasn't near as bad as you would expect. I woke up at 4:30am before my 5am alarm. I kept the little window in the bathroom open and you can hear some interesting conversations from down below. For a much alcohol as I consumed, I felt great!

    View attachment 797E9BF9-B204-44B6-B595-3F6C3890AF23_zps29hoz0jl.jpg

    Cabbed it to the airport with plenty of time. TSA actually took about 30 minutes, they weren't moving that fast at all. Didn't get precheck again, so I got the full treatment.
    But Wendy's was waiting for me!

    View attachment 21BF9BC6-D90D-4D28-9B71-B723255E211A_zpsanejl7t6.jpg

    Played some WOF at the airport to kill time.

    View attachment F3D2C711-B1A1-41B3-A5B2-19D95F9EA033_zpspjugft05.jpg

    View attachment 9B1C8ED8-D118-487B-9A4E-5E0F00EDB060_zpsjtoz2fwh.jpg

    Between that and VP, I donated $40. Ok time to sit patiently, it's cheaper.

    Completely full flight home. Had a nice couple sit next to me. The woman was older, might have just been friends though. Close to landing he asked me "are you a blogger? You've been your phone the whole flight!" "Yeah something like that!"

    Goodbye Vegas, until next time!

    View attachment AF8E75D7-53BC-4C3B-AF43-7A4CD06E90D0_zpsf9zigiqt.jpg

    View attachment 71B843E9-9B20-4709-8322-E81481780D85_zpsr2uxzk6a.jpg

    View attachment 78F8B884-616E-4DAC-8CF8-45E55ACF6F65_zpsw4eovdue.jpg

    View attachment 8F7F41BC-1E78-40C3-B81A-0F2D2DBF44A4_zpsuzktdgac.jpg

    The flight attendant comes around with snacks and says "oh Honey you can have one of everything"

    View attachment 60808273-9570-4139-B94A-762DBC88F8A3_zpsmx5vf3aa.jpg

    Some flight pics. Parts of this country you only see from up here!

    View attachment D79BB704-CEF1-4F6D-9E26-9A887B6A117F_zpshjcgohuf.jpg

    View attachment E3A314A3-BC01-46E6-B776-EA2D17CBB752_zpse38dmp2k.jpg
  13. CPT

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    Oh thank goodness, I was worried about them!

    View attachment 99B5BBA8-8FD1-4332-9A2B-F79EAA5C6F1C_zpszrppr3uj.jpg

    I had a coworker who flew to Disney out of BWI on Friday and the only parking they could find was in short term. $22 a day and they are gone for 12 days. OUCH! BUT Hey here are all the people waiting to pick up their cars, plenty of space available! Haha

    View attachment 336233AE-2606-47FF-A761-989C195D5B3A_zps156zjs4k.jpg

    Picked up some Wendy's and head it home!

    View attachment C1C9A352-DF1C-4C59-98B3-DBAC7A924C31_zpshmqyqv3a.jpg

    View attachment AD5BD055-9AE9-419A-A66B-CDA5B4FC836A_zps0rhik4x6.jpg

    And Kit I'm home!

    View attachment AC35F540-7717-4A63-9FDA-0310753AA1E0_zpsjhsy2j5s.jpg
  14. VegasChic

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    Wowwww......great TR!! Hit all things near and dear- Venetian/Palazzo, Buffalo slots, boozy cocktails, great food, good friends (and I recognized them too!) Love the way you do Vegas!!! If you have more of these I would LOVE to see!!! Great trip!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
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  15. touche22

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    I love your trip reports buddy. good sense of humor. Can't wait to see some photo shop skillz
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  16. VegasChic Sis

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    Great trip report and congrats on hitting your goal!
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  17. Elf70

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    Enjoyed re-reading your trip report. I always enjoy following along.
  18. Evoni

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    So is it to early to decide where we are eating Thanksgiving dinner this year? ;)
  19. Luckylinda

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    That was a great read (again) Ollie was still a baby now he is a big cat
  20. tringlomane

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Nice TR! Too bad that 1000 TC grind didn't go too hot. I imagine it would take me all day if I tried.

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