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VIP Cosmopolitan Cruise!

Discussion in 'Identity - Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' started by charmingmaggie, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. charmingmaggie

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    Identity Platinum, MLife Platinum
    I've never posted a trip report, but had to share what was one of the most wonderful experiences my husband and I have had in 36 years of marriage! We were included in the Cosmopolitan's VIP cruise on Norwegian's newest ship, the Bliss, for a 7 night cruise from LA to the Mexican Riviera, along with Kevin Sweet, Catie, several of the host team from The Cosmopolitan, and 30-40 other players, from October 13-20. Having never cruised before, we had no idea what to expect!

    It was a dream trip - we were treated to a mini suite with a balcony, and royally entertained for the entire week. On the first night, Kevin and crew took over the ship's casino with a reception for our group, and we were gifted Swag Bags with Cosmo beach towels, luggage handle wrap, sunglasses, phone charger, caps, phone holders. I'm sure I forgot something -it was all in a cool North Face Cosmo backpack - they included everything we needed for a group outing hosted later in the week by Cosmopolitan at The Office - an amazing restaurant right right on the beach at Cabo San Lucas! Highly recommend!

    In addition, there was a group dinner in one of the ship's dining rooms on the second night, which gave us a chance to get to know one another. We had our own private slot tournament, with prizes in Identity Play, along with point earning opportunities for drawings to win even more Identity Play. We each received two upgrades - we chose the Unlimited Beverage Package and Specialty Dining. More on that shortly. One of my favorite gifts was the group picture taken on the ship's glass staircase, along with a picture of the Bliss.

    This ship was perfectly named! The massive Observation Lounge provided abundant comfy seating, views that I don't have words to describe, drinks and light snacks - the buffet was huge and fabulous! We had an incredible steak dinner outside on the Waterfront, watching the sunset! The brisket at "Q" was tied for the best we have ever eaten; which was in Austin, Texas - it was that good! There were so many quiet spaces - it never felt crowded, even with 4000 passengers! There were so many things going on every day - always a Cosmo crew at the pool; great music - fantastic water slides that Kevin and some of the braver amongst us conquered and loved, laser tag, a go-kart track, demonstrations - activities galore! And of course, the casino : ). There was a closed in smoking area, which was wonderful for those of us who do not smoke and nice for those who do.

    Entertainment was stellar - Jersey Boys was flawless, and there were other show options as well. The Cosmo crew was well represented in a karaoke session that was great fun to watch. New friends were made, as were memories that will last a lifetime. Another favorite part was seeing Kevin and his team join in the fun - they are usually spending every moment taking care of all of us. We loved having them enjoy this incredible trip right along with us. And of course, all of their planning and attention to detail made it the absolutely perfect trip that it was! Kevin, Catie, Desiree, and Jamie know how to throw a week-long party!

    I was a Cosmo fan before this experience, love the perks that come with being Platinum, love my host, Rebecca - she is beyond fabulous. After this trip, I can't imagine ever staying or playing anywhere else! If anyone reading was on the trip, please add anything I may have forgotten. I think I can safely speak for everyone in saying that a good time was had by all. I hope that others will get this opportunity - do not miss it if you do. Ask your host how to make it happen! Nobody takes care of their players like the Cosmopolitan! Thanks for reading!
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    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
  2. IM ALL IN

    IM ALL IN Gold
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    LOVE Catie. Known her from MB. (sounds like a MB cruise).....I know people have previously posted to REMIND you that Hosts and Management are 'Not your friends"..but on a cruise with 30 or 40 other gamblers, YES THEY ARE. Like your post very much. Sounds like it was a great one!
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  3. Goldenknight

    Goldenknight Platinum

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    Sounds like a great time!
  4. Niteshade

    Niteshade Platinum
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    CET Diamond, MLife Pearl, Grazie Gold, Boyd Sapphire
    Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy you had such a wonderful time!
  5. dvandentop

    dvandentop Chairman
    Founding Fanatic

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    Sounds like an awesome time
  6. Evoni

    Evoni Palladium
    Founding Fanatic

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    Identity- Platinum-Grazie-Platinum M-Life- Platinum Total Rewards-Diamond
    We share the same host so I totally agree with you that Rebecca is beyond fabulous. What a wonderful cruise!
  7. tringlomane

    tringlomane Theoretical Video Poker Addict
    Founding Fanatic

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    I guess we'll let you join...
    Glad you had a nice time!
  8. kwool

    kwool Silver

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    Sounds like an amazing time!

    It also makes me think maybe I should change careers and go work for Cosmo!! ;)
  9. Pleasemum

    Pleasemum Platinum
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    MLife, Identity
    Sounds like an amazing time was had by all - thank you for sharing your experience with us

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