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Will there be a Spring Fling 2019?

Discussion in 'Member Events and Meets' started by seviay, Sep 3, 2018.


Are you interested in a Spring Fling 2019?

  1. Yes!

  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  3. Maybe...?

  1. JSR1968

    JSR1968 Platinum
    Founding Fanatic

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    That was a good time!
  2. seviay

    seviay Silver
    VIP Pledge Member

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    Sucks when real life gets in the way of a good time, but I totally understand. That's the reason I missed the Fall and Spring meet-ups, after all.
  3. IrishDave

    IrishDave Palladium
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    Yes it was! So was Fallapalooza...over a year ago and I think I’m still hungover.
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  4. vegasnuts

    vegasnuts Gold

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    Diamond (CET), mlife(normal)
    hahaha you never can hold your old fashions :p
    anyway yeah man that springfling was epic(as well as the report) the fallapalooza was also cool
    i hope there will be a springfling again this year..i will have this time a short trip to vegas (2,5 weeks only from april 15th till may 2nd at jubilee ballys room) Sybgal(nikki) is already organizing stuff (have her and patti on a special lasvegas2019 whatsapp group together with kevke who cant make it this spring as his gf has surgery) probably oceans at PH on april 16th... week later my buddies Ross and smerrian will be in vegas too.....it will be a fun time again:D
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