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Winstar Visit - Quick Notes

Discussion in 'Other Gambling Destinations' started by thebeachbum, Jun 6, 2020.

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    Just a quick note or two or more about my visit to Winstar and a one night stay in the hotel last Thursday (June 4-5).

    Hotel parking lots were packed. Looked like a normal Friday or Saturday parking fest.

    Non-hotel lots for the day tripper's were only about 30%-40% full at 7pm when I arrived on Thursday.

    No valet, per the sign.

    If you were not wearing a mask, you were given one and required to put it on to enter the lobby.
    Temperature was checked at the hotel entrance.

    Social distance practiced at check-in.

    After each customer left the check-in desk, the area was totally wiped down before the next customer could move up.

    Only four to the elevator. Hotel staff pressed the button for your floor.

    Walked from the hotel to the casino hoping to lose the mask.

    No! Masks were mandatory in the casino.

    Casino closes from 4am-8am for cleaning.

    Almost every slot machine was turned on. So many, it appeared that the few that were out of service, just had the usual issues.

    No table games were open.

    Public drink stations are now employee only. Certainly looked cleaner than I've ever seen them.

    Buffet was open but not crowded at all. Most of the restaurants closed early.

    The bars had social distancing with limited chairs as the chosen method. The Rome bar was curtained off. Drinks were sold on the steps up to the round area. Could not get to the video poker machines.

    Casino had plenty of gamblers. Certainly not sparsely populated at all.

    Starbucks, for those in need, was open the same hours as the casino.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.

    I'll note that Texas Governor Gregg Abbott was not there. I was given the accessible Governor's Suite. Very nice indeed.

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