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Wynn and Park MGM Questions

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by mumra, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. mumra

    mumra Member

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    Hello all, trip came together for mid-April so thought I would get some updated information from the experts. Mostly on Wynn as I'll be there for a 3 night offer. Park MGM is a MyVegas room so I won't be gambling much the first night.


    I haven't stayed in around 2 years or back when the namesake was a creepy old man and had not made the leap to creepier (sp?) old man at least in the public eye. I saw a thread in the Red card board from a while ago but did not see many recent updates. Anything significantly different after the shake-up? I'm mainly craps/VP/slots. Last stay I could usually find a $10 game of craps and had to occasionally go to the Encore side or play at a $15 table on the Wynn side. I think most other games were $15-$25 and up but I don't play them much so I could be incorrect. Any interesting new restaurants?

    Anyone ever did casino credit at Wynn? I normally carry cash but I'll be at a work conference for a few days before Vegas and don't want to carry it for several days at a conference. This would probably be around a 5k line (normal daily gambling budget is 1k-1.3k). I looked at the application on their website, anyone know if they are discreet about employment check? I'm at a small company so privacy concerns happen sometimes. My other option is to use ATMs but would have to check daily withdraw limits. I also may need ATMs if I casino hop.

    Park MGM

    I read a few reviews and I'm sure this will be fine for a one night sleep. I'm planning on a small gambling session of craps as my only action. Is there a walkway to any of the adjacent hotels from Park MGM without getting on the strip? I haven't been in since the renovation but I'm guessing I would rather play at Aria or Bellagio.

    I will be getting in on a Wednesday night in mid-April around 10 PM. Anything in the area open for a quick, cheap snack at that time? Likely pizza or sports bar would fit the bill. I realize cheap and strip don't happen much but thought I would ask. If not then maybe I'll plan on an early dinner before getting on the plane.

    Thanks all.
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  2. blue227

    blue227 Member
    Founding Fanatic

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    I did casino credit for my last Wynn visit. I don't know that the employment check is that important to them. I think they're more interested in confirming with your bank that you have the assets in place.

    The daily ATM withdrawal limit at Wynn is $2K, if I recall correctly. Could be wrong on the amount. ATM's in casinos tend to have high service fees when compared to most non-casino ATM's. Instead of a $3 transaction fee, the amount is likely to be in the $10-20 range. Might not be a factor if your bank waives ATM transaction fees for you.
  3. Goldenknight

    Goldenknight Platinum

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    Also contact your bank too. Many have atm withdrawal limits, but they can raise that number for a certain time frame or even change it permanently. The standard Chase limit at noon chase atms I think is only $500. You can withdraw more from an actual branch but you need to change that limit if you plan on taking it out from somewhere other than a branch
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  4. Mark Kohan

    Mark Kohan Bronze

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    In terms of Park MGM - Take the walkway to Aria and you can dine at Five50 Pizza. Good luck!
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  5. IrishDave

    IrishDave Palladium
    VIP Pledge Member Founding Fanatic

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    I think Eataly in Park MGM is open until 11, several good, quick options there including pizza. You can also take the tram from the walkway between Park MGM and Aira to Bellagio.
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