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Wynn Buffet- Pre pay or Wicked Spoon walk in

Discussion in 'Restaurants and Eateries' started by Charis, Dec 19, 2021.

  1. Charis

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    Has anyone done this recently? From what I am reading it seems like it isn’t exactly a reservation but you pre pay for a time and then get in a line around the time you picked but it isn’t guaranteed you are sat at that time (not that reservations are either) but it is a priority line?

    I saw Wicked Spoon is walk in only now vs the reservations and as a party of five not sure if that is the route I want to go considering they close at 4 and if it’s a crazy wait there goes dinner.

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  2. SAFGambler

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    Your correct about Wynn, just show up for your scheduled time a little early. Not a priority line I think that is reserved for black tier and higher and tower guests.

    Your right about Wicked Spoon, if it gets busy you could be waiting forever. Do you have a host? Mine was able to get me reservations so I was able to skip the waiting.

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