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Zak Bagan's Haunted Museum

Discussion in 'Shows and Non-Gaming Entertainment' started by westsidewaltz, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. westsidewaltz

    westsidewaltz Bronze

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    I had never heard of Bagans or his museum but my nieces and nephews were dying to go so I tagged along. Apparently, Zak Bagans has the highest rated show on Travel Channel called "Ghost Adventures" and his museum is an offshoot. It's housed in the old Wengert building on Charleston and the mansion itself is quite fascinating. You sign some campy waivers before you enter saying that the museum will not be responsible for any messes in your life you encounter after the tour. You're then brought to a waiting room where you may take photos but nowhere else. Then, your small tour group will be led throughout the museum by various guides, all excellent, btw. The rooms are grouped by dolls, clowns, serial killers, haunted Hollywood, etc. A lot of it seems more like a Halloween haunted house but the rooms are packed with memorabilia, all expertly displayed and really well lit. The doll room especially was really striking. There are some haunted rooms and artifacts that didn't mean much to be as I haven't seen the show but my nieces and nephews were transfixed. Some of their more campier items, like Bela Lugosi's haunted mirror are harmless but when you play along, it gets even more fun. It is Vegas after all. The guides also give you the option to opt out of certain rooms and a lot of it did seem more like a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

    Overall, I thought it was an excellent museum and tour and although I've read complaints about the $44 ticket, I thought it was worth it. I agree that there's so much that you might need to go again, which I plan to do. Although the tour was an hour and a half, you couldn't really see all you wanted to. A couple of people in my group had already come several times. I also think a souvenir book which talked about the artifacts would have been good. And when you finish the tour, they let you out in the gift shop, run by none other than Zak's mother.

    I've been to almost all of the past and current museums in Vegas and this one is my favorite. I can easily see the museum growing and improving. Maybe a Lizzie Borden room? Highly recommended but true believers and maybe not-so-true believers have reported getting ill in the museum. In my tour group, two women felt faint. Because of lighting, incense, smoke and others, the tour can be disorienting but I think most can handle it easily.
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  2. Robbo

    Robbo Bronze

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    Thanks for the info.. sounds like a place i might want to check out. I am a fan of the show, though i'm not really a believer. A couple of episodes were a little unnerving, but a lot of that is just due to the settings. There are some awful and hilarious ones as well. overall, i just enjoy it, so i might want to check that out on one of my trips.

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