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Harrah’s NOLA...again

Discussion in 'Hit and Run - Quick Trip Reports!' started by nolablackjack, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. nolablackjack

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    3B5A199F-1FF1-4D6D-BFDB-8ECD9776F95B.jpeg Like any great marketing (and fisherman) company would do, keep throwing the baited line out and fish will come.
    Today’s offer:
    1.either a spoertwatch, $40 free play or 4000 rewards credit.
    2. one table bet game @$65 ....more commentary on that later.
    3. 5000 bonus reward credits

    So I went today at 1:30, got the $40 free play and donked that pretty quickly on Ultimate X.

    Moved to a $50 DD BJ table and checked in for $1500. Lost that in about 15 shoes playing my normal 2 spots - just couldn’t get anything going...plus a few players in and out (no mid shoe entry) Dealer change and I checked in for another $1500.
    Again, I could not get anything going. When playing 2 hands, losing one hand and pushing the other is a loss . On top of that dealer was drawing to 20 and 21 with regularity with 4-6 cards.
    Lost this $1500 in about 25 shoes. Last shoe there was a dealer change.
    So like the degenerate that I have been over the last 2 weeks, I pull my remaining stash of $4300.
    Up down all around. The a horrible shoe came out and I was down to $600. Next shoe was pretty decent and made about $2500. I just felt that I was “due” a great shoe.
    And then it happened...pressing, splits, doubles and dealer busts. I did not lose a hand and found myself with $9100 at the end of the shoe . $100 to Sherrie ...plus I had been betting for her the last 3 shoes so in total I am guessing she probably dropped $400 total.
    Time to color up and go home. In all a LOT of risk for a $1700 profit.
    After I cashed out at the cage, I forgot that I still had the $65 free bet. So on the way out I stopped at the table, got the slip signed by the pit. One player was playing and I did not want to screw him up so I asked if I could place the wager on his hand...he obliged. I told the new dealer of it wins it is hers. He got a A9, dealer showing J and flipped 8..another $65 drop for the dealers.

    Rant...I continue to get chicken shit small table bet offers from Harrah’s NOLA yet today’s total play = was 1 hour 48 minutes @ $425 per hand ($850 total). They don’t value local table game players. They will not even give me a host at the property (not that I need one - but it would be nice to speak to someone local instead of a marketing representative in Vegas that can’t do shit outside of mailer offers)

    Rant # 2...only garnered about 1650 Tier credits (before bonuses). For the CET ADT gurus - DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT?

    Rant # 3 - Harrah’s NOLA is requiring either a player’s card or ID to play DD BJ.
    I played stupid and asked the pot critter the reason. Her response, “they are trying to identify any card counters”
    I wanted to ask if they were not concerned pre-covid shutdown ....cause I have never seen that before!!
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  2. Lousyatcraps

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    Congrats on the nice comeback!
    Is the casino as quiet as before? I’m thinking the relatively high number of positive C19 cases in NOLA would be keeping quite a few of the older people away from visiting.
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  3. nolablackjack

    nolablackjack Bronze
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    Today was the most people that I have seen in there ....and it is NOWHERE approaching the 25% capacity limit.
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